Earn United Miles Faster on ANA

I have been on a kick on mixing and matching award programs among the alliances. I posted on booking JAL flights using avios miles. Now I want to show how you can earn more award miles for cheaper flying ANA using your UAL MP number. For example these are some routes I flew this year on ANA using my United number:

Route Award Miles Bonus Miles Total Miles PQM PQS
ANA 994-Y class 984 738 1,722 1,476 1.5
ANA 633-Y class 457 344 801 686 1.5
Tokyo-Iwakuni Kintaikyo
ANA 1871-Y class 484 363 847 726 1.5
ANA 1781-E class 252 63 315 378 1.5
ANA 3730-Y class 740 370 1,110 1,110 1.5
ANA 1740-Y class 740 370 1,110 1,110 1.5
Naha-Osaka/ Kansai

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Cheap Experience Japan Fares and earn fast United EQS for Premier Status


Japan is very accommodating to foreigners by offering discount airline fares as well as discount train tickets for those who have a foreign passport. However its good to keep in mind the above mentioned discount air and train ticket requires a visitors visa which us SOFA status members do not get. So its good for all those non military foreigners in Japan.

However All Nippon Airlines, a member of star alliance, has their own program called Experience Japan which offers any segment between two Japanese cities for 10,800 yen ($90 USD). The only requirement is you hold a foreign passport and have a ticket going to and from Japan.

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