WeBull is the New Robin Hood

I guess this is the way it is going, all free trading apps that millennial idiots can lose their milk money (or inheritance from mommy and daddy) on. Chase has their “You Invest” with 100 free trades, Robinhood has their original free platform, and now we have We Bull which appers to be a direct copy of the RH model. This new site has adopted the free share for a referral from the Robin Hood model. Good reports here on some people getting a share of GOOG as shown above. I got one share of ABEV as shown below:

If you want to get a free share and toss me some shares my way, please use my link here. I also have my original RH link here.

Good luck!


PS: The referral bonus is quite instant! I just got my second ABEV:

PPS: Got my first SNAP! after 3 ABEV of course!

Q4 To Do List

It seems like every year the best offers come out for October to December just to boost sales. Here are the many things I need to do before the year is up:

  1. Status Match my United Silver to Alaska MVP
  2. Status Match Small Lux Hotels of the World to Hyatt Discoverist
  3. Sign up for the Marriott Mega Bonus
  4. Hit the 150k Hilton Ascend bonus
  5. Hit the Hilton Honors 100k with $100 bonus
  6. Hit the SPG Biz 90k with $100 bonus
  7. Sign up for a free share with WeBull
  8. Hit the new US Bank Leverage Card
  9. City National Bank Crystal Visa

I don’t think I have enough time to hit all the deals. Any one have experience with MLA from City National Bank?


Hit Chase Before 5/24 Spreads!

The recent (and sudden) shutdown of the Rtiz Card as well as the increase to a 48 month limitation on the Sapphire products shows that the 5/24 blanket rule is about to come! I went ahead and got myself the IHG Premier card and got a letter this week saying my MLA coverage was successful. I got the MLA letter before the card ever showed up. This means I get one free night and the annual fee waived for my IHG card due to my active duty status.

If you are LOL/24 (way over 5 cards in 24 months) then its time to apply for these products before the hammer comes down:

  1. IHG Premier (My Link Here, but better offer of 100k and $50 out there)
  2. Hyatt Card (My Link Here & Here)

The other non-5/24 restricted cards can be found here, but none offer an annual benefit and therefore do not fit with my churn plan.

Get on it!


Updates on Hitting Chase Hard

Hello from the beautiful Grand Hyatt San Antonio on the River Walk! I was good to see all those readers at both the IAH Centurion Lounge as well as at the AAOMR conference!

There has been some significant updates causing me to update my churning plan. There is still no love from Sebastian Fung from Ask Sebby, I reached out to him after he posted a video on how Active Duty Military should be churning, He brought up some good points that I commented on in my feature of his blog post here. I am going to update my guide found here to reflect these two new revelations:

His video has this slide that sums it up:

I also found out the 12 month rule that prevents upgrading any US card is due to the 2009 CARD act that prohibits changes in the terms of a credit card for the first year. All these new discoveries have given me this humble churn plan for the new service member. Note: that this strategy would not be good for those that are not covered by the MLA or SCRA since you would be on the hook for several thousand dollars in annual fees alone.

Low Experience Credit Card Holders Start here:

  1. Secure Credit Card from Discover (No AF) for 12 months to establish credit history.
  2. Freedom or Freedom Unlimited, $500 limit, prepay it mid cycle to keep utilization low.

For the more experienced with good credit history pick 5 of these card that are 5/24 restricted (try to maximize annual fee waiver only for Active Duty Military Members, Spouses and Dependent Children(Per MLA)):

  1. Chase Sapphire Reserve
  2. United Club Card
  3. Southwest Priority Card or Southwest Premier Card or Southwest Plus Card
  4. Chase Freedom (Upgrade to #2 CSR in 1 year)
  5. Chase Freedom Unlimited (Upgrade to #3 CSR in 1 year)
  6. Chase Marriott Premier Plus (Wait 24 months to then get AmEx SPG Lux bonus)

My choice for my first 5 would be: CSR, Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, United Club, and Southwest Priority. This would result in $900 in travel credit over 3 CSR cards (by upgrading both freedom cards), Annual United Lounge Access and Star Alliance lounges overseas when flying on *A airlines. $75 and 7,500 points on Southwest credit per year, 4 SW priority boardings per year.

Next I would hit either the non 5/24 restricted Chase Cards, US Bank Cards, or AmEx.

Chase Non 5/24:

  1. Chase Hyatt 
  2. Chase IHG

These give you elite status and one free night per respective hotel group.

AmEx CHARGE Cards (No Limit)

  1. AmEx Platinum
  2. Business Platinum
  3. AmEx Green then Upgrade to Personal Platinum
  4. AmEx Gold then Upgrade to Personal Platinum
  5. Other AmEx Platinum Cards: Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise, Charles Schwab and Goldman Sachs
  6. Ameriprise Gold to Ameriprise Platinum in one year
  7. Gold AmEx Business to upgrade to another Busisness

I am working on all of this, because there is no limit. Each Personal Platinum gives you $100 for Saks 5th, $200 on Delta, AA, or Southwest Gift Cards, $200 on Uber. AmEx Business gives you one airline that will get 35% points back when redeeming your MR points resulting in 1.5 cents per point. Each Business Platinum gives 10 GoGo wifi passes and another  $200 Airline Gift Card reimbursement (no Sacks 5th or Uber credit).

Keep in mind the gift card reimbursement from AmEx is a hack, and not officially covered, so follow the guides here: AA, Southwest, and Delta. NEVER EVER ASK AMEX ABOUT GIFT CARDS. Between my wife and I, we currently have 12 Personal Platinums and 3 Business platinums. They are as follows: 2x Original Plat, 2x Mercedes-Benz, 2x PRG Upgraded to Plat, 2x Schwab, 2x Morgan Stanley, One Green Turned to Platinum, One Ameriprise Platinum, 2x Business Platinum, One Gold Biz turned Plat. This means $3,000 in airlines, $2,400 in Uber, $1,200 in Saks 5th, 30 GoGo WiFI in flight passes. This took 5 years over 2 active duty members to achieve so take your time!

AmEx CREDIT Cards (5 Limit over both Personal and Business)

  1. SPG Lux
  2. SPG Personal (choose personal at bottom) then Upgrade to Lux
  3. Hilton Aspire (choose at bottom)
  4. Hilton Honors then upgrade to Aspire (Select Honors At Bottom)
  5. Hilton Ascend then upgrade to Aspire (select Ascend at bottom)
  6. Delta Platinum
  7. Delta Reserve (select at bottom)
  8. Delta Gold (select gold at bottom) then Upgrade To Reserve #2

My ideal selections are (IN ORDER): SPG Lux, SPG Personal, Hilton Aspire, Ascend, and Honors. Then upgrade all the lesser cards to SPG Lux or Hilton Aspire (respectively). This results in an annual gain with $750 in Hilton Resort Credit, $750 in airline gift cards, $600 for SPG hotels and 5 free nights per year! I find the Delta first class companion cert to be really hard to use from Chicago, but you can certainly get multiple of these to max the companion ticket each year form Delta Reserve.

Then the humble and forgotten US Bank Altitude card for the $325 in travel credit.

I hope that is a better plan, I should update the guide and make it a sticky on the front page bu the end of this week.


Frontier Airlines In ORD Terminal 5

Just got word today that Frontier Airlines is operating out of ORD Terminal 5 where the Priority Pass Lounges of Air France and SwissPort located there. This appears to be the first step in the $8.7 Billion O’Hare 21 project to turn Terminal 2 into the Global Terminal (with what I hope is a Centurion Lounge) and Terminal 5 will become the shitty LCC terminal for Frontier and Spirit.

When a LCDR (sel) told me that he was able to gain access to Terminal 5 with just a chepo Frontier ticket my mind started spinning! Could this be the way into Terminal 5 on domestic for some free drinks? I looked at the flight schedule for Frontier from Terminal 5:

FFT1281 Denver Intl (KDEN) 06:10AM
FFT1274 Trenton Mercer (KTTN) 07:10AM
Cancun Int’l (CUN / MMUN) 08:30AM
FFT1249 El Paso Intl (KELP) 09:05AM
FFT1249 Colorado Sprgs Muni (KCOS) 09:05AM
FFT1286 Pensacola Intl (KPNS) 11:40AM
FFT1286 Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) 11:55AM
FFT1309 Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX) 02:43PM
FFT1294 Orlando Intl (KMCO) 04:40PM
FFT752 Syracuse Hancock Intl (KSYR) 05:25PM
FFT1285 Denver Intl (KDEN) 06:25PM
FFT1263 McCarran Intl (KLAS) 09:25PM
FFT1250 Long Island MacArthur (KISP) 09:39PM

The problem is the two longes are open these hours:

Air France:

08:15 – 21:30 Monday & Saturday

08:15 – 00:00 Tuesday – Friday & Sunday


Noon to 21:30 daily

When we compare it to the time table to only flights worth flying with lounge access would be:

  1. Cancun, Flight 44
  2. El Paso/Colorado Springs, Flight 1249
  3. Pensacola/Jacksonville, Flight 1286
  4. Phoenix, Flight 1309
  5. Orlando, Flight 1294
  6. Syracuse, Flight 753
  7. Denver, Flight 1285
  8. Las Vegas, Flight 1263
  9. Long Island, Flight 1250

If any of you had used this loophole to get terminal 5 lounge access, let me know how it went.


Ask Sebby Takes On AD Roadmap

Well I am beside myself here, my doppelgänger, Ask Sebby, just outlined a much better approach for active duty here,  I think his approach to taking on Chase cards is much better, especially for enlisted to build up a relationship with Chase before hitting the high end $450+ cards. It is worth a view of his YouTube guide here. I had assumed everyone was starting with a dual O-4 income with 10+ years of history with Chase and AmEx. Which is not the case with a lot of the readers of this blog.

There has been no love (yet) from his YouTube or his site for my blog or my personal approach found here. It is always interesting to get a perspective from a non-military member. He describes the 5/24 like a bartender that will only serve you 5 drinks max in 2 hours, either beer or shots of liquor. He suggests take the shots first in the first 2 hours, then the beer later since there is plenty of it! Here is his order that I am suggesting now incorporating what he instructs in his video:

  1. Secure Credit Card from Discover (No AF) for 12 months to establish credit history.
  2. Freedom or Freedom Unlimited, $500 limit, prepay it to keep utilization low.
  3. CSR or CSP (then do the CSP to CSR upgrade if rejected) needs $10k minimum limit.
  4. United Explorer, United Club, SW Priority, Chase Freedom, or Freedom Unlimited
  5. Chase Hyatt 
  6. Chase IHG
  7. AmEx Platinum
  8. Business Platinum
  9. AmEx Green to Upgrade to Personal Platinum
  10. SPG Lux
  11. SPG Personal (choose personal at bottom) then Upgrade to Lux
  12. Hilton Aspire (choose at bottom)
  13. Hilton Honors then upgrade to Aspire (Select Honors At Bottom)
  14. Hilton Ascend then upgrade to Aspire (select Ascend at bottom)
  15. Delta Platinum
  16. Delta Reserve (select at bottom)
  17. Delta Gold (select gold at bottom) then Upgrade To Reserve #2

Keep in mind the restrictions that are outlined here by Frequent Miler for the SPG/Marriott Cards.

It is therefore advised by both myself and Ask Sebby to NOT APPLY for the Marriott Plus Card if you do not have the SPG Lux or SPG Personal first. Unless you want to wait two years to get or or the other. Thanks to Mr. Sebby for the better approach for everyone from E-1 to O-10!


SPG Lux: $300 Annual Credit Works For Room Rate

I goofed again, I got a mailer in the post and forgot to add the $60 off deal to my SPG card:

Just make sure you go to americanexpress.com/marriottoffer before you decide to spend the $300+ on room rates at a Marriott or SPG hotel. When I came across the mailer, I goofed again and I added it to my wrong SPG card (AU to my wife’s upgraded SPG Personal). I tried to add it to my SPG Lux and got this message:

In hindsight I would not have been elligible for this last venture because I think I need to spend at least $300 in a single charge. Here are the terms:

Enrollment limited. Must first add offer to Card and then use same Card to redeem. Only U.S.-issued American Express® Cards are eligible. Limit 1 enrolled Card per Card Member across all American Express offer channels. Your enrollment of an eligible American Express Card for this offer extends only to that Card. Offer valid only at participating Marriott® brands in the U.S and U.S. territories, including: JW Marriott®, Autograph Collection®, Renaissance® Hotels, Marriott Hotels®, Delta Hotels®, Gaylord Hotels®, AC Hotels by Marriott®, Courtyard®, Residence Inn®, SpringHill Suites®, Fairfield Inn by Marriott®, TownePlace Suites® and Moxy® Hotels. Reservations must be made online at Marriott.com, via the Marriott Mobile App or by calling Marriott Worldwide Reservations (888-236-2427). Excludes the following brands: The Ritz-Carlton®, St. Regis®, EDITION®, The Luxury Collection, W® Hotels, Bulgari®, Sheraton®, Marriott Vacation Club®, Le Méridien®, Westin®, Design Hotels™, Tribute Portfolio®, Four Points® by Sheraton, Protea Hotels®, Aloft®, Marriott Executive Apartments®, Element® and Vistana™. Excludes all timeshares, residences, travel packages, and retail store purchases. Offer not valid at international locations outside the U.S and U.S. territories. Excludes gift card purchases. Offer only valid on room rate and room charges. Offer not valid for lodging stays that are paid for before the promotion start date or after the promotion end date. Offer is non-transferable. Limit of 1 statement credit(s) per Card Member. Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 10/25/2018, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the statement credit. For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you may not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party or if the merchant uses a mobile or wireless card reader to process it. By adding an offer to a Card, you agree that American Express may send you communications about the offer. POID: GBMZ:0001

Anyways I went down to Champaign-Urbana to check on my cousins to see how their first week went and booked 3 rooms at the Townplace Suites by Marriott on Green and 6th street. It was a very nice hotel that gave a AAA discount of $87 a night per room. Today I got the room rates covered:

No doubt that the new SPG Lux card will give you up to $300 spread over over smaller room charges every anniversary year as well as the first year! Time to get another SPG Lux cards via SPG personal upgrade!


Two Hours To MS With Coins Again!

Update: Right at 1200 ET the site slowed to a crawl and errors popped up on check out. When I tried to load my saved credit card, it got stuck, by the time it processed the coin was gone:

Oh well! I gave it the old college try! Comment below if it worked out for you!

Remember the Hunt Brothers and Silver Thursday? They tried to buy up every piece of silver in 1980, but failed and lost a shit ton of money. Well in about two hours I guess some rich asshole is trying to buy up all 15,000 Proof Palladium Coins at $1,387.50 a pop. It would cost him or her $20,812,500 to buy every coin directly from the mint, but the catch is the mint will only sell one coin per household.

Here comes in PFS Buying Club, who is now offering a $50.55 premium on each coin that you sell back to them. I am doing this for the MS opportunity, but I really want to buy one for myself since the same 2017 coin is selling for about $2,000. However the coin is listed for less at other sites:

I wrote the article here describing the whole experience. Hit me up below for a referral if you want to get some spend on your credit cards and make a few bucks! I am suspecting a site like BGASC.com or APMEX.com are going to buy the coins from the buying club and resell the coins. In fact, the product is already listed on the APMEX site despite not having any inventory:

When the VIX jumps in the future they can certainly sell these things for a sweet profit as the doomsday prepers come out of the woodwork. Lots of overhead here, by the time some one gets the coin form APMEX they had to pay me, the shipping both ways, the mark up that PFS charges, then the mark up from APMEX. In the end, I really don’t care who is buying them as long as I get my sweet SPG Marriott points for $5k spend. So, get your browsers ready, opt in for the deal, and hope we get some of these coins!



6.5% Back at Costco With Executive Membership, Mobile Pay and U.S. Bank Altitude

Get $1,754.99 back on this bottle of Scotch

I sure feel like an idiot here because I have been using my Citibank Costco Anywhere Visa for a sweet 2% cash back in warehouse. I thought I was smart, when I realized I could get 2.5% with USAA Limitless, but today DoC made me feel like a complete dumbass with this article. It was right there the whole time. I could use my U.S. Bank Altitude card and get 3x points worth 1.5 cents per point in travel using Apple Pay in warehouse. This would would mean 4.5% cash back on top of the 2% I get on executive for a sweet 6.5% off all of my Costco shopping. This is better than the 6% I currently get with AmEx Blue Cash Preferred on groceries.

Now to get into all of this you need to follow this plan, currently you have to have a U.S. Bank relationship in order to get the Altitude Card. The Altitude has MLA waiver for new accounts after Sept 2017. This means that you get this $400 annual fee waived, and U.S. Bank will pay you $325 on travel every year to have this card (including airline tickets)!

On top of that there is an offer for military to join Costco by giving out free coupons worth $60 for the first year, and then U.S. bank is offering $200 to open an account. So all of these deals means super stacking time:

  1. Read the DoC article here on opening a U.S. Bank Checking account for $200 bonus
  2. Spend $50 for 4 months to get a $50 bonus each month using their debit card
  3. Buy an iPhone or Samsung Phone(look here if you want a cheap one)
  4. Apply for the U.S. Bank Altitude card here (public link)
  5. Obtain a Costco membership certificate here
  6. Go to Costco and use the cert for either a basic membership or Executive for another 2% off (I did exec)
  7. Every time you check out use your Apple Pay or Samsung Pay at the terminal for 4.5% cash back

I still use my Citi Anywhere Costco Card for the 4% off on gas at Costco which is often cheaper than base gas. I then use my Blue Cash Preferred (referral link here) for 6% at the commissary. For everything else I am getting 2.5% cash back with my USAA Limitless card.

I should be set for a life of cash back now!


100,000 IHG Offer In App (Not My Link)

Thanks to reader RWHR for an even better link for 100k and $50 found here: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/chase-ihg-premier-100000-point-offer/

Right now my referral link only gives 80K, but in the IHG app you can get the 100k offer. I put the 100k link here if you don’t want to search in the app. Also reader Lex787 writes:

Recently I read somewhere about possibility to apply for second IHG card – as it is considered a new product. Since me and my wife both have old IHG cards and didn’t convert them yet, I had hopes to get approved. After submitting application for myself and getting approved instantly I submitted app for my wife. Now we have 4 IHG cards to get those free certificates. So another way to stack hotel certificates.

I have the old IHG card from July 2017 with the unrestricted free night that I intend to use for the Willard Intercontinental in Washington DC:

Not sure if I will keep the card open after redeeming this night because I am on the hook for the $49 annual fee since I got the card after I joined, but before Sept 2017 (MLA cutoff). However I would still get an annual free night for any property up to 40k a night so I think I might hold on to it to extend my credit history.

I applied in the app link and was put on pending. I thought it was because I was being LOL/24, but I was approved once I called recon at 1-888-270-2127 and shifted some credit around form my existing cards:

Iberia $32,700.00
Ritz $10,000.00
IHG $1,500.00
Mariott $7,500.00
United Club $5,000.00
Prime $9,000.00
Hyatt $2,000.00
Total: $67,700.00

They took $5,000 from my Iberia and I was then approved! On the new IHG Premier card I would get the $89 annual fee waived because of the MLA coverage. On top of that I would get 5k IHG on adding an AU, Platinum Elite Status, every 4th night free when redeeming points, as well as another 40k free night cert. I don’t intend to earn anything on the card, but it does earn 10x at IHG, 2x at Gas, Groceries, and Dining.

Not bad, for $49 a year I will get 2 free nights at any IHG property up to 40k which is most Hotel Indigos (Including the Chicago Gold Coast One) in America and Intercontinental hotels abroad. Seems to come in handy for road trips, but certainly not worth it if I had to pay $89 for it. Any good use for the certs INCONUS? Please comment below!