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  1. Chase Biz do still get waived fees. Amex Biz do not.

    Go for the Amex Gold before Plat, there’s new rules in place that don’t allow the Gold SUB if you have a Plat, but not the other way around.

    • How old is your DP for Chase waiving fees for biz cards. They have not waived in a while

      • Ink Preferred opened 7/13/23, fee charged 8/01/23, SCRA MEMBERSHIP FEE REFUND 8/11/23

        • Very interesting. I got charged an annual fee in 2023. Any chance you have Ohio home of record?

          • HOR is FL. Although my first chase app used orders to LA, which is one of those extra states, and I suspect it carried through all my PCSs. I do live in OH currently though, but state of application has never made a difference.

  2. I opened an Ink Preferred and currently in Texas. The annual fee did NOT get waived. State must have had something to do with it.

    • you can have as many as chase will allow you. I currently have four. Just have to upgrade freedom cards or sapphire preferred. Need at least a 9-10K limit to upgrade but you can transfer credit limit freely between chase cards (only business to business or regular card to regular card, can’t transfer business to regular)

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