I was able to use my “In-Kind” app deal for $50 off $50 spend at the Spanish Café in Bethesda, MD. On top of earning points on Open Table, and Getting 20% off for Military Members.

The Deal

  • $50 off $50 spend to Load the “In-Kind” App in AmEx Offers
  • Use Open Table to book a a table at Spanish Café (Formally Jaleo) in Bethesda, MD
  • Upon check out, show mulirary ID for 20% off the bill and pay using the In-Kind App

The Experience

The café was Jaleo for many years, but its kind of a cool hang out with Spanish Flamenco dancers and Fooseball tables, a great place for kiddos:

they have a children’s menu with the classics, and jamon iberco for the grown ups:

On check out they took 20% off the bill with my CAC:

To pay with the app you just type in the bill number and it deducts everything but the tip from the credit. The tip gets charged on the card on file:

In-Kind is an interesting concept, the booking was made on Open Table and the bill was paid on Toast. Not sure the integration with this app, but $50 free (and another $25 for the referral (Thanks Dan)) is not bad. Please use the link above to get $25 on your first dining with In-Kind.


Currently there is a spend $50 and get $50 for dinning with “In-Kind”. Please use my referral link here to get $25 on sign up: https://app.inkind.com/refer/0KRKXM4I

Initially I didn’t see the offer on many of my cards so I went ahead and started adding random offers, logging out and then it finally showed. Turns out AmEx will only show 100 offers at a time. As you move more offers to the accepted category it will populate the offers again. I added 23 offers before the In-Kind offer showed up. Last night I was able to send myself a $50 gift card, but I don’t see that option today. Maybe they got wise on it.

What is interesting about the prepay model is that “In-Kind” is a micro lender for these restaurants, in the comments section one reader of Frequent Miler writes:

I’ve been doing some reading on in-kind and its a really interesting business concept. They are able to sell discounted credit because they buy the business’s credit upfront based on their capital needs. So for example a coffee shop doesn’t want to go the traditional banking way, doesn’t want to lose equity or doesn’t want a high-interest quick capital injection, they can go to inkind and sell them credit at an agreed upon discount price and the business gets a large upfront cash inflow to cover whatever they see fit. Assuming the markup on food is sufficient, this isn’t a bad idea.

Reder Max from Frequent Miler

There is an option to pay $5,999 to get $8,000 in credit. Might not be a bad idea to fund a child or employee for dining credits for the year all at a $2,000 bonus, and also to make spend on a credit card. Hope that kid/employee eats a lot. What’s the Meals and Incidentals rate for DC anyways?

In Summary I have $185 to spend: $50 using my wife’s offer sent to me as a gift code, $110 using my mom’s offer ($99 charged), and the $25 from the referral code (Thanks Dan). Looking forward to going out to dinner tonight.

Bone Apple Tea,