Is the AmEx Wine Access offer is worth it? All I know is i’m dangerously low on wine from the last time we stocked up using the Martha Stewart deal. Currently AmEx will give you $50 for every $150 spent, up to three times. This offer showed up for my Hilton Honors Aspire card:

You can stack this with Founder’s card that gives you 10% off, or the initial offer of $50 off using this link. I went ahead and added $152.93 in wine (including tax) using my existing account:

That is 12 bottles of Cava at $105:

So $102.93 for 12 bottles of cava makes $8.58 a bottle. I hope it doesn’t suck. If I referred my wife we would have gotten $50 for the each of us for the order, but I would not have been able to use the Founders card discount. I went ahead and did this to get $50 off her order and then a $50 credit on my account. I loaded up on all Pino Noir for her:

I received a credit of $50 right away on my account as well as a $25 welcome back email for buying over 24 bottles (two cases of 12 bottles):

I was glad to see they have Sake and I was able to stack both the $25 off and the credit:

I wasn’t able to triple stack the Founders Card discount. In the end I got 27 bottles of wine and sake for $327.88 shipped for free. That is $12 a bottle which is decent in my book. Feel free to use the link above and here to get $50 for the stack.


Sure, the $100 flight bennie went away, but no more gift cards for that anyways. The card now has $10 for uber every month!

American Express<sup>®</sup> Gold Card

Use my link here if you haven’t gone gold yet! I was able to get a 60k offer:

The rose gold looks really nice, and the grand plan is to upgrade to another plat with a 25k upgrade offer in a year.