4 comments on “Wine Access Referral Stack

  1. I only drink opus one. And I use moet to wash my lady friends hair

    I guess the market is nice to options sellers. Like thee

    Why play table games when you can be the house

    But good deal none the less

  2. After many attempts. My Korea skypass card is on way

    I am now in the big leagues. Wow this feels good. Next —-2 ritz

    Still working the Goldman Sachs plat. Have a Marcus account hopefully sooner or later maybe I just get a job with gs-

  3. congrats! What was the secret fro the skypass?

    Also I own Goldman Sachs as a direct shareholder. I wonder if I can propose it at the next share holder meeting.


  4. I didn’t have any applications in the previous 12 months kept altitude card paid off and I have a checking account which I move in and out 10k or so a month I have learned they like to see in flows

    With Goldman Sachs opening up to the common man I see the plat as a way sorta like ms with access investing.

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