Declassified: Optimal Perpetual Wallet Holdings

The following list is a thought experiment of what would be my ultimate final wallet. The list puts optimization to Spend Categories as well as perpetual benefits to having the card open forever.

Links for applications can be found here.

By Category

  • Dining:
    • Citi Prestige (5x Thankyou (TY) points)
      • Each point is worth 1.25 cents on flights when combined with Premier, or 1 cent per point with Prestige
        • 6.25% return on flights
    • AmEx Business & Personal Gold (4x Membership Rewards (MR))
      • Each Point is worth 1.25 cents cash when combined with Schwab Platinum
        • 5% cashback
      • Each Point is worth 1.5 cents on flights when combined with AmEx Business Platinum
        • 6% towards flights
    • Chase Sapphire Reserve (3x Ultimate Rewards (UR) points)
      • Each point is worth 1.5 cents for Flights, Rental Cars and Hotels
      • 4.5% return towards hotels such as the Four Seasons
  • Airfare:
    • AmEx Personal Platinum 5x MR
    • @ 1.25 cents = 6.25% Cashback
    • @ 1.5 cents = 7.5% Towards Flights
  • Hotels:
    • Hilton: AmEx Hilton Aspire (14x Hilton Honors)
    • Marriott: AmEx Bonvoy Brilliant (6x Marriott)
    • Hyatt: Chase World of Hyatt (4x Hyatt)
    • IHG: Chase IHG Premier (10x IHG Points)
    • All Others: Chase Sapphire Preferred (3x UR)
  • Gasoline:
    • Citi Costco Anywhere Visa (4% cashback)
    • AmEx Everyday (3x MR with 50% bonus)
      • worth 4.5% towards flights
    • Citi Premier Card (3x TY worth 4.5% for flights)
  • Office Supplies:
    • 5x UR Chase Business Ink Cash
    • 5x UR Chase Ink Bold (Applications Closed)
  • Electronic Wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay)
    • US Bank Altitude (3x Altitude Points)
      • Each point is worth 1.5 cents per point
  • Everything else:
    • Carbon Zero Card
      • Invite only
      • Must refer out to get 3% cashback
    • USAA Limitless Visa
      • 2.5% Cashback on everything
      • No longer available to new members
  • Rotating Categories
    • Chase Freedom (Vanilla)
    • 5x UR on quarterly categories

Free Annual Perks

  • Free Hotel Nights
    • Marriott (One Free Night Yearly after 1st year)
      • AmEx Bonvoy Brilliant: 50k night
      • AmEx Business Bonvoy: 35k night
      • Chase Ritz-Carlton Card: 50k night
      • Chase Bonvoy Boundless: 35k night
      • Chase Marriott Bonvoy: 25k night
    • IHG Hotels (Intercontinental Hotel Group)
      • IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card: 40K night
      • IHG Rewards Club Select card: 40k night
        • SELECT CARD discontinued
    • Hyatt Hotels
      • Chase Hyatt Card: Cat 1-4 Cert (15k points)
        • Discontinued
      • Chase World of Hyatt: Cat 1-4 Cert (15k points)
    • Hilton Hotels
  • Companion Passes
    • Delta (RT Mainland Domestic flights only, HI residents to CONUS)
      • AmEx Delta Reserve (Personal & Business)
        • First Class or Main Cabin Companion Pass
      • AmEx Delta Platinum (Personal & Business)
        • Main Cabin Companion Pass
    • Alaska Airlines
      • Bank of America Alaska Card
      • No fee waiver for Military

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