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It is up to you to find the best link to use for the best offer, it might not be found here. You are free to use the referral link to send points to support the site, or the public link. Not all products have a referral link. Refer to www.thepointscommander.com for the matching instruction.

InstructionProduct NameReferral LinkPublic Link
1000.1Chase Sapphire ReserveLink
1000.2Chase FreedomMy ReferalLink
1000.3Chase Freedom UnlimitedLink
1000.4Chase United Club CardLink
1000.5Chase Bonvoy BoundlessMy ReferralLink
2000.1U.S. Bank AltitudeLink
2000.2Skypass PremierLink
3000.1Hilton Honors AspireReferralLink
3000.2Hilton Honors SurpassReferralLink
3000.3Hilton HonorsReferralLink
3000.4Marriott Bonvoy BrilliantReferralLink
3000.5Delta ReserveReferralLink
3100.1AmEx Personal Platinum ChargeReferralLink
3100.2AmEx Personal Gold ChargeReferralLink
3100.3AmEx Personal Green ChargeReferralLink
4000.1Citi PrestigeLink
4000.2Citi PremierLink
4000.3AA ExecutiveLink
4000.4AA PlatinumLink
5000.1MS Platinum ChargeLink
5000.2CS Platinum ChargeLink
5000.3AP Platinum ChargeLink
5000.4AmEx Business PlatinumReferralLink
5000.5AmEx Business GoldReferralLink
5000.6AmEx Business GreenReferralLink

How To Meet Spends

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