Chase Referral Links

Offers for you are listed below as “Share The Rewards” for the sake of full disclosure you can clearly see what you would be tossing towards me in support of the site. Go ahead and send your referrals out to your friends and get your bonus (listed under “Reward Yourself”). I would like to be the first to get you the card via this link, keep in mind all the annual fees for NEW accounts are waived for active duty per MLA!

In general Chase will give you the a bonus for the same product only if 24 months have passed AND you don’t currently have the product (either closed or downgraded). Chase also will deny you any new account if you have 5 credit cards opened (at any bank (but not counting AmEx Biz cards)) in the last 24 months. Unless you are applying for these products.

Chase has changed their position since the Military Lending Act has come into action, and have started waiving all fees for accounts opened after 20 Sept 2017. The however they are strict on the 5/24 rule, if you are a Churning Virgin and have a clear application record, you might want to hit up Chase first in this order.

They Pay you $300 a year to have this card since the $450 annual fee is waived!

The Chase Sapphire Reserve for its annual $300 payout on all things travel related. Use this link now to get 50k MR points for $4k spend in 90 days. The $450 is waived with the MLA!

The Marriott card offers a free annual night that you will get with the $95 MLA fee waiver. Use this link to get 75K points after $3,000 on purchases in your first 3 months from your account opening, transferable to Ritz and SPG (3:1). Also I think my Marriott cards will become some other product after the merger is completed.

This is a reader link for Marriott as well

The Hyatt card for the 45,000 points. Use this link here if your thinking about applying! It is a very reasonable $2k spend for this one. You will also get a free night every year. Another reader link here.