How To Say Goodbye After 13 years (Closing My First Card)

Good Bye Old Friend

Thirteen years ago I got my first credit card after graduating college. It was the AmEx Blue Cash. I had intended to keep this card forever, and gave advice on never canceling your oldest card to keep the adverage account age high. Once I joined the military I upgraded the card to a Blue Cash Preferred and enjoyed 6% cash back at the commissary.

Times have changed, the AmEx Rose Gold card came with its 4x points on Dining as well as groceries. This Rose Gold card ended up returning the same 6% I was enjoying from the Blue Cash Preferred, and it didn’t take up one of my coveted 5 Credit Card slots. With the SPG Basic AmEx Shutdown coming this Tuesday 12 February 2019, I knew that this card had to go since each of my 5 slots needed to produce an annual benefit. My lifetime plan is this:

  • SPG Lux (Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant)
    • $300 and 50k Night
  • SPG Regular (Upgrade to Bonvoy Brilliant in 1 yr)
    • Apply Before 12 Feb 2019
    • $300 and 50k Night
  • Hilton Honors Aspire
    • Free Weekend Night
    • $250 Airline Credit
    • $250 Resort Credit
  • Hilton Honors
    • Upgrade to anther Aspire
    • Close Delta Reserve after Companion Pass Use
  • Delta Reserve
    • First Class Companion Pass
    • Upgrade form Delta Platnium

With this set it and forget it strategy I can enjoy these annual benefits passively and spend less time churning and more time with my real estate ventures!

Now before I closed the account I made sure to transfer my credit to my existing lines. There is an option now under account management on the AmEx page:

I then cashed out all of my cash back credits by first requesting a statement credit, then opening a dispute for the credit to be sent back to me in the form of a check. I then waited a day and the credit came off my account and a check should be on the way for the amount.

Today I logged on and spoke with the online chat and requested the Ble Cash Preferred account to be closed. They urged me to downgrade it to a regular blue cash, but I requested the closure so I can use my wife’s link to apply for another SPG personal card (Non lux). I will not get the bonus since I had the card before.

This was a tough decision, but the free night I value at around $500 (Ritz Chicago Night) and the $300 benefit beings a total annual value of $800. If I were to get that with blue cash preferred I would have to spend $13,333.33 in groceries. This was not going to happen since it all goes on the Rose Gold and the Citi Anywhere Costco card.


WeWork Delay?

Update: the site went live several hours later, plenty written about it here. I will go down to The National on Friday to get my badge.

It’s 01:33 Eastern on 08 Feb 2019 and the WeWork AmEx Page has not been refreshed regarding details of how to sign up.

I went down to visit The National Building, Chicago location and was bummed to find out that the benefit only applies to the primary card holder and not any of the AUs. On top of that, there are no guests allowed unless you spend money to rent a conference room. Your access is restricted to the lounge and public area which are set like a nice hotel lobby. Free beer, matcha green tea, and nano roasted coffee flow on tap. There is WiFi and outlets to plug into, but I didn’t get a sense that you could meet with any clients in these areas.

From our short tour we were given the details about how AmEx Biz Plat users would be issued a badge that would allow access 24/5 (Weekdays Only) to the common areas. You would have to buy credits to be used for meeting rooms and other collaborative areas. This badge would grant access to any WeWork location in the world. However it would end exactly one year from Sign-up.

I showed up with my attorney in suits around 17:00 this last Monday and stood out like a sore thumb. No one had a tie, not even nice shirts or slacks. I am not sure if they thought we were suits from a bank, because WeWork has been making some headlines for some shenanigans. All in all, the sense of collaboration in the common areas was not there, but felt kind of out of place. They would not allow any photos of anything in the place either.

Hopefully more details come soon, but I am off to bed. It’s disappointing that details were not announced as promised, but this would not be the first missed deadline form WeWork.


AmEx Biz Plat $200 Dell Credit SOP

BLUF: $200 Dell Credit Comes With The AmEx Business Platinum. You can spend $100 from January to June, then another $100 from July to December. You can split charge over three cards per order at Dell.

Step 1: Obtain AmEx Platnum(s)

  1. Apply Biz Plat directly here, get bonus
  2. Apply for Biz Gold, get bonus, then upgrade to Plat (no 1 yr wait)
  3. Apply for Biz Green, get bonus, then upgrade to Plat (no 1 yr wait)
  4. Apply SCRA/MLA to each card to ensure the $595 annual fee is waived

Step 2: Register $100 Offer for Each Biz Plat Card and 10% Offer

Create a new log in for each card and add the offer listed under the benefits section for each card. There is an error that prevents adding the Dell offer to an account with multiple Business Platinum Cards on the same account.

Also check the AmEx offers here and add one to the Biz Plat card to be used for the Dell offer. This one was offered for me:

Step 3: Sign up for TopCashback and Ebates

Step 4: Sign Up For Dell Rewards and Military Discount Codes

Email this document from DFAS:

and wait 2-3 days and you should get an email like this:

Your military discount code is: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please go to to use this coupon Dell Coupon Offer: Offer valid 11/3/2018 6:00am – 2/1/2019 11:59pm CST If you run into any issues please let me know.  Coupon is only good for dell branded products. If you are trying to purchase latitude or precision I will have to manually discount. 

Coupon is good with select other offers, but not with other coupons. Coupon is valid on select order codes. Offer does not apply to, and is not available with, systems or items purchased through refurbished items or spare parts. Purchase limit of 1 items per order.  Not valid for resellers and/or online auctions.  Dell reserves the right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors.

Then sign up for Dell Advantage Rewards here. This will give you 3% back in rewards towards future purchases on as well as free expedited shipping.

Step 5: Select, Buy Items, Split Charges

I used the 5% Cashback option via the Top Cashback to buy a non Dell product since the military discount would not apply:

On check out I was able to enter three credit cards to split up the $318.74 charge over three AmEx Platinum Cards (example shows $200, but just do $100):

For Dell branded products I used the site to use the military coupon. Here is what I bought over just two cards:

Note that this also included $5 in Dell Advantage Rewards and free shipping from registration! I am going to try to see if I submit this order to Top Cash Back for a 5% stack. Many products that are not dell branded are not the cheapest, but Dell products have the largest discounts. No datapoints on the reimbursement yet. Happy shopping!


AmEx Biz Plat WeWork Benefit Details

Now that I received a stack of 1099-MISCs from AmEx, DerpReport has become a legitimate business with reportable income! Wooo!! Next step is office space, and I am looking forward to the WeWork and AmEx Biz Plat collaboration. More details are coming soon, while some can be found here. I have a tour of their Chicago “The National” building tonight. More to come on this page. But for now DoC has a article here. Not sure if it is transferable, because I have 4 cards and my wife has 2. I am hoping it be possible to get 6 people memberships for a year. From what it looks like, only the primary member that gets the benefit. The terms are this:

If I activate one Membership I will have coverage from 08 Feb 2019 till 08 Feb 2020. Then I activate another before the 31 December 2019 deadline to constantly have access till 31 Dec 2020! Who knows what will become of this, but stay turned right here for any updates!

Come jump on Biz Plat since the $595 annual fee is waived for military. We get $200 for dell and this new benefit! Please use my referrals to upgrade the green biz, gold biz to a Biz Plat, or direct biz plat applications.


February 2019 WeBull Standings

  • SheepDoggyDog: $1,121,697.46
  • DerpReporter: $1,112,847.49
  • Credible: $1,040,842.77
  • Jouster: $1,016,258.26
  • MJV305: $1,008,100
  • Julia’s College fund: $1,000,000 (no trades)
  • BC: $996,041.70
  • Magoo: $922,339.26
  • HeimTime: $837,892.44
SheepDoggyDog is big on gold
DerpReporter rode GoldmanSachs up but didn’t have the balls to hold on forever
Credible is going strong with his very diverse portfolio
14 total stocks held by credible!
Jouster is all in on Old Man Warren B.
MJV305 is half in Intel, half cash
BC is all in SPY
Magoo is doing apple, and Total S.A.
HeimTime Loves the Penny Stocks

Remember Your SPG Lux Bonus Will Conflict With The Chase Business Marriott Card Bonus

Update: Reader Ryan pointed out that I forgot that I had gotten the bonus on the SPG Lux card no less than 5 months ago. I have updated the post accordingly.


Confirmed datapoint here. I currently hold the SPG Lux (Bonus received Sept 2018), Ritz, Marriott Premier. I had never gotten the bonus on the Marriott Premier, but did get the two free Ritz Nights one year ago. I got this message when I tried to apply for the Business version of the Marriott Premier Plus:

You are not eligible for the new cardmember bonus because you currently have or had a Starwood Preferred Guest card, as described in the eligibility criteria. We have not performed a credit check yet. Would you like to continue your application to get this card without a new cardmember bonus?

I canceled the application right then and there because I don’t know if it would be worth the $99 annual fee if not for the 75k bonus. The $99 would be perfect for the 35k nights, but now that I have 4 of the 50K night certs, I may just go ahead and upgrade my existing Marriott Premier to the Plus of a bonus ever comes around.

This goes (somewhat) with Greg’s chart (Note the “and must no longer have card”)

According to Greg’s chart from Frequent Miler, I could not be elligible to get the bonus due to my SPG Lux card bonus. I should have taken time to read the eligibility clause as follows:

Eligibility for the new cardmember bonus: The bonus is not available to you if you:

  • are a current cardmember of this business credit card;
  • were a previous cardmember of this business credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this business credit card within the last 24 months;
  • are a current cardmember, or were a previous cardmember within the last 30 days, of The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express;
  • are a current or previous cardmember of either The Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express or the Starwood Preferred Guest® American Express Luxury Card, and received a new cardmember bonus or upgrade bonus in the last 24 months; or
  • applied and were approved for The Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express or the Starwood Preferred Guest® American Express Luxury Card within the last 90 days.

Now it might be worth getting the SPG card without any bonus to get a second SPG Luxury card in one year. Thoughts?


Max Your AmEx $100 Dell Credit

Update: apparently there is a 10% military discount that reader Dan pointed out here. You just need to email to get started.

The $200 credit for Dell has been reported by myself, DoC, reddit, and Frequent Miler. What is nice is Top Cash Back is offering 5% on Dell Small Business on top of the 10% AmEx offer! It is possible for me to make to Stack TopCashback 5%, Dell Advantage Loyalty Rewards, and the 10% AmEx offer all at one time.

Before you begin make sure you have the BIZ AmEx Platinum and not the personal one. Please use my links here for an upgradable AmEx Biz GreenAmEx Business Gold , or direct application for an AmEx Biz Platinum.

Reddit’s u/dmbream has a good list going of what he would buy and this good tip:

u/bmbream is smart in suggesting to sign up for “Dell Advantage Loyalty Rewards”. Since the membership includes: 

  • Free expedited delivery
  • Up to 3% back in rewards on eligible purchases
  • Bonus rewards on select purchases
  • Early access to special offers and sales events

On my most recent order I got $8 Dell cash on a brand new $299 Samsung gear S3 Frontier watch:

I also was able to get free expedited shipping with Dell loyalty:

I was then able to split over three AmEx Biz Plat cards. Two of which had the 10% cashback deal. Here is proof you can split it over three cards:

Total haul is one SmartWatch for $318.74 but total credits of $345.80:

  • 3x $100 credits to each AmEx Biz card
  • $11.87 and $10 from the AmEx Offer
  • $8 from Dell
  • 5% From Top Cash Back for $15.93
These emails came right after I ordered the watch

This one too

Essentially I got paid $27 to get a free smart watch shipped via 2 day shipping! To top it off I am going to load my US Bank Altitude card on it to get 3x points on e-wallet payments!


1099 From AmEx Referrals!

DOC, Miles Talk, and reddit are all reporting 1099s being issued for AmEx cash based referrals as well as points earned for referrals.

I am getting multiple letters from AmEx today marked important tax information. These are all reporting to myself and the IRS on bonuses earned at 1 cent per point. So that 15,000 MR bonus for referring your friend means you just made $150 taxable income from AmEx. The letters look like this:

Initially I thought they were counting the $550 waiver was being reported, but it appears to be taxes on the bonus earned. This is how they are valuing each point referred:

  • Amex Membership Rewards: 1 cent per point
  • Marriott (new): 1 cent per point
  • Hilton: 0.67 cents per point
  • Delta: 1 cent per point

Looks like were gonna have to do some withholding next year in anticipation of a bountiful referral year!


Chase Reader Referral Links

Referrals can now be generated through the Chase Mobile app for the following cards:

Keep in mind they are all 5/24 restricted, excellent for the new churner. Personal cards will have MLA waivers for Servicemembers and their spouses. However business cards are not MLA annual fee waived. Please post yours below or use mine above.


Marriott Premiere Plus Now Offering 3x (35k) Nights

Thanks to Frequent Miler for the heads up!

Earn a 3 Free Night Award with the Marriott Rewards (R) Premier Plus Credit Card (Up to 35k per night). Please use this link if you are at all interested:

This card will become the Bonvoy boundless after 13 Feb 2019. After one year you should upgrade it to a Ritz Card to ger a 50k night every year as well as a $300 travel credit to use on any airline.