Finally A Credit Card Endorsed By Dave Ramsey? ***


***please refer to Betteridge’s Law (the answer is no) Use code EARLY4050 to get 1.5% cash back at

Zero card is a FREEKING METAL 3% cashback Debit Card for those who have joined the cult of Dave Ramsey, or those with qualms about carrying any debt. Click here to sign up for the first round of applications and get graphite status (1.5% cashback)!

Looks like the same idea as RobinHood we have brought simple app banking to unbanked otaku millennials. Zero Card is an app based bank that has a linked “hybrid metallic credit card” that acts as a debit card linked to an interest bearing account. This is not new as we normal folks have always known such a tool as a secured credit card, made for people with terrible credit and no self control. You load an amount on there and then you get to spend only the amount you load in hopes of one day having a real credit card. If your in this position you have most likely lost your military security clearance and this blog doesn’t really appeal to you.

The card is pretty much catered to those that suffer from Ramsey’s dysphasia where you feel you have lost all control of you life, and must turn to a higher power for some semblance of financial control. The Zero Card is the perfect tool for those that have pledged to a rigorous lifestyle of cutting up all credit cards, entering a complete budget to the cent, and carry around cash in multiple category envelopes.


try to act normal carrying your paycheck around in envelopes stuffed with cash

When you feel weird about carrying stacks of cold hard cash in envelopes with rubber bands around them and paying for your tinder date, you may feel you need a card to better blend into society that has a de facto ban on carrying around cash. This is your shabbatt elevator to satisfy your devotion to an ultra orthodox lifestyle But want to be practical and baller with a metal credit card in our modern world.

What I find unique with Zero Card is the cash back is you get cashback at 1% and then get a boost the more you spend according to the FAQ:

There are four levels of Zerocard, which vary in terms of the cash back rewards percentages they earn. The entry-level Zerocard Quartz earns 1.0%, Zerocard Graphite earns 1.5%, Zerocard Magnesium earns 2.0% and Zerocard Carbon earns 3.0% cash back. Moving up to a higher level Zerocard allows you to earn more cash back for purchases.

Current minimum annual spending requirements are $25,000 for Zerocard Graphite, $50,000 for Zerocard Magnesium, and $100,000 for Zerocard Carbon.

Notice the appeal to new wacky material names and metallic base much like the Barclay Gold, Black, Titanium line up. Its almost like they are cramming this branding down our gullets. We get it, only basic bitches have plastic cards now, eww…. Ever worse are those posers at chase that have a laminated metal cards. As explained in this scathing article in the wash post, whic says you truly are not a whole person until your card is 24kt gold plate.

You can finally get 3% rewards on a “debit card” that  looks and feels like an AmEx Centurion Card to the cute but shallow Subway Sandwich Cashier (of which you end up swiping the card yourself anyways). Best feature yet is the pre-loading of money making it not a credit card by function, so it is a loophole you have been waiting for.

Since there is no new debt your not violating the key Ramsey rule, and 3% Cashback (after $100,000.00 spend) on all categories is even better than my $995 Barclay Gold Card Master Card. I doubt I will ever do anything higher than graphite which you can get by a simple referral made by this link here, use code “EARLY4050”. You don’t even need to spend the $25k with code EARLY4050. Looks like there is some Ramsey millionaire out there that will go for the 3% cashback carbon card after he buys $100,000 in official Ramsey gear, most likely the man himself.

Looks like there are a lot of doubters on reddit in this new technology, but hey DoC has an open mind about it so I’m going for it, at least for my salaryman allowance.


Great Lakes Commissary Coded as “General Store”, but Soyent = Groceries!


Sadly my plan of using the AmEx Blue for 6% cashback has been foiled as some genius decided that a grocery store is actually a General Retail store. This is unique to only this Commissary as I had enjoyed 3 years of 6% cashback in Okinawa at all four of their commissaries: Courtney, Kadena, Kinser, and Foster. So back up plan is using my Gold Luxury for a general 2% cashback.

Naturally this made me explore my shopping choices, and I found an amazing deal for the Costco across town at the intersection of I-94 and route 60. Costco is offering $50 worth of coupons when you buy a $55 membership for military here. So I might start shopping at one of these big box like every suburban dad is destined to do. The $1.50 hotdogs with drink are legit, but sadly this place doesn’t even take AmEx or Master Card! Tempted to get the Citibank Costco card, but that would violate my personal hatred for all things Citibank. Looks like its going on the Sapphire Preferred.


Of course there is one last option which is a liquid food replacement called soylent, this surprisingly is coded as a grocery store that takes AmEx Blue Cash Preferred, giving me back 6%! Just a fair warning, its not for everyone, but it sure makes feeding quick and easy (think adult food formula). Use this link for 50% off your first order of course you get 6% off on top of that if you use Blue Cash, which if you use this link you get another $150 when you spend $1k! You don’t have to spend it all of some bland drink, and remember the card fee of $95 is waived for military.



I have had the AmEx blue since 2006 in some form or another and its generally a good cashback card. You will start to see my blog shifting to maximizing cashback and less points for travel as I slowly transition to my final form of a typical American Suburban Salaryman, taking a single vacation once a year. Next step for me is buying golf clubs at costco, going to bed at 9 pm after drinking a warm glass of milk.