Why Derp Report Is (Now) Private

Thanks for years of your loyal readership! If you have been given a log in, please click on “log in” found in the lower left of the screen under “meta” to see over 700 articles regarding Churning for Military Members. Do not try to get a login by registration with WordPress. It will not work, as I must grant you access via the application link at the end of the post.

There is currently a war on churning! It started with the 5/24 implementation from Chase, and it’s latest attack is in the form of sweeping shutdowns of some of our very own readers. It is only time that any one of us gets shut down as well. Rules change, and it’s not to benefit us super users

The points game was created by the big banks to make sure we continue to consume beyond our means, and become debt slaves to the bank at 20% APR. It is about corporate greed and profit, but we have found an arbatage to screw them in their own game. Never forget this!

What we are doing is not in the best interest of the banking industry. The banks have fucked us for 10 years by dragging their feet to implement the Military Lending act of 2007 (MLA). They could have done the right thing and start compliance early, but every bank waited till they were legally required to comply in 2017, by capping interest and fees at a still whopping 36%.

The Main Stream Churning Media (MSCM) has blacked out mention of anything regarding the AmEx Shutdowns that happened around Veterans Day of 2019. However our own readers and smaller blogs such as Danny Deal Guru, Doctor of Credit, and Reddit have all been diligently reporting on the issue. This disparity in reporting had assured me that the majority of the MSCM blogs are actually run by corporate schils with no interest for the common consumer. They are just vapid mouthpieces for their corporate puppet masters. **Cough** Brian the points guy.

Our mindless consumption for their articles have made them popular “insiders”. Just like an instagram model, these “influencers” couldn’t give two shits about you losing all of your points in an overnight shutdown. The bulk of the articles are to show you what they have and how awesome they live. Their articles are to convince you that this is what you want! They are just pushing whatever product their sponsors want them to. Do not for a second believe that you need any of this bullshit.

The fact of the matter is points earning and spending has gone mainstream. When your grandma tells you about the awesome Visa Black card she has, then you know it’s over. With so many players in the “game”, the points earning is no longer an abartragable situation. You have just become a pawn buying into some bullshit dream though your credit card.

This is not the point of churning for us. By utilizing the MLA you sure as shit better be saving money on necessary travel and leave by using points. You should be then investing money (that you would have spent on travel) for your time after your active duty service. DO NOT LET THESE FUCKERS INFLATE YOUR LIFESTYLE! The minimum spends and rewards of worthless points are their way to get you to consume more.

You need to be strategic in earning these points without lifestyle inflation or manufacture spending to be successful! Otherwise you are falling into their trap.

The other concern I have is the hoarding of points, some of the people that got shut down were in the millions of points! What was the point to amass so many points and not use them for anything? Something has obviously gone wrong with the message. They may have been saving up to fly to Bora Bora in first class. Instead they actually paid for all of the small trips to “save” bullshit points. By doing this all the points ended up becoming worthless, and thousands were spent in cash for trips that would have been free.

Do not be this kind of sucker!

The site has gone private because we want to cater to each other. Mil to Mil is the goal, If you think this site is also run by some asshole shill of the banks, then you have come to the wrong place. I am just a real AD member such as yourself, and I want a community of like minded individuals. To ensure that, I have limited access to those that will contribute to our unique circumstance.

The request for access can be done by filling out form DRF 0001. Be patient with me until your DNA sample, fingerprints, and iris scans verify with DEERS! (j/k).

See you on the other side.