WeBull, WeTrader Competition

Last year we did our own personal WeBull Trading Competition with $400 in prizes! Right now WeBull is holding their own with a Tesla Model 3 as a prize. The following article is written by Davey at www.trainwrecktrader.com:

The second week of the first annual Webull WeTrader Competition has just begun.  WeBull is offering $10,800 in Amazon gift cards distributed amongst the top 10 most profitable portfolios for each of the 4 weeks of the competition and giving one lucky skilled trader the keys to brand new Tesla model 3 (at the WeBull end-of-year party) or pay off $40,000 in student loans.  WeBull is currently offering a free stock for signing up for an account (upon approval) and another free stock for depositing $100 into your brokerage account upon settling of that deposit. Davey’s Link, Derp’s Link.

It’s a fun contest, starting each Monday morning of October you have 100k and paper trade to get the most profits.  You’re limited to US stocks priced over $5, no ETFs, and no initial position can be greater than $30,000.  You are required to hold/trade at least 3 stocks during each week of the competition.  But get this:  Webull is donating $1 for every $1,000 of paper profits to a different charity each week, so you’re helping make the word a better place!

The first week of the competition I did some technical trading on some stocks on my watchlist and did way better than I ever thought I could.  I broke into the top 50 out of about 3000, but was still really far behind the top 10.  There’s some really impressive 5 day returns from some of the trading bros on there.  Hats off to Jarod who crushed it with 13.5% return over 5 days. 

Any trader that posts a greater than 5% return on the week was invited to post a little blurb on the webull community site.

“Dear Webull Users,

Congratulations on your paper trading earnings this week! You made more than 5% of your portfolio this week.

We invite you to share your trading story in the Webull community to help your fellow users.

1. By participating in this event, you can get the following:

A.Sticky Top Post: Your post could be selected and can be stuck to the top of the community home page for two (2) days.

B. Sitewide Push: If your post is compliant and gets more than 10 comments, we will push it out to tens of thousands of users on Webull Weekly.

C. Increase your Post Visibility: Promote your game’s personal homepage.If your praise goes to the top 30, you can go directly to the finals.

2. How to participate:

A. Use hashtag #WeTrader Competition when making a post. Don’t forget to add a link to your personal Paper Trader portfolio in your post.

3.Content Requirement of each post:

 A.    You must write a minimum of 100words in your review.

 B.   The content of the review must revolve around paper trading the stocks on Webull. Below are a list of example topics:

  • How do you improve your trading abilities?
  • How do you choose stocks?
  • What is your trading strategy?
  • How do you benefit from paper trading?
  • Your trading story.

 C.   Do not recommend any specific stocks or industries in your post.

4.Deadline:October 15th, Midnight.”

I came at the competition with a swing-trading technical analysis perspective and held all my stocks to the end of the competition.  Also I short sold $ALLK, which was probably my biggest gain in my portfolio. 

Another interesting angle to the competition is that the top 30 most popular traders (those who have the most likes) get invited to the finals, so please like my profile or Derp’s profile.

Good luck out there and may the earnings be ever in your favor!


P.S. Feel free to post your profile below in the comments for us to like and upvote! -Derp

Super Special AmEx Referral Links

Thanks to reader PJ and Joe for bringing up this article here. You can now send two lucky people a link to get an AmEx card and bonus offer despite them having the card before:

Usually a card offer made public from AmEx contains the “life time language clause” stating that you can’t get the bonus again if you ever had it before. These special links give your intended invite another chance to get the bonus despite already having a card. You can check here to send out links. Currently the products that have unrestricted language are:

  • American Express Personal Platinum 60k MR after $5k in 90 days
  • American Express Hilton Aspire: 150k HH after $4k in 90 days
  • American Express Bonvoy Brilliant: 75k Marriott after $3k in 90

I had my wife send me a link for my second bonvoy brilliant only to find this bullshit:

Welcome offer not available to applicants who (i) have or have had The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card from JPMorgan or the J.P. Morgan Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card in the last 30 days, (ii) have acquired the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase or the Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase in the last 90 days, or (iii) received a new Card Member bonus or upgrade offer for the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card from Chase, Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Bold Credit Card from Chase, the Marriott Bonvoy Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase or the Marriott Rewards® Premier Plus Business Credit Card from Chase in the last 24 months.

Sure there is no lifetime language, but there certainly are still restrictions! I refer you back the the chart made by Greg at Frequent Miler:

I currently have 5 AmEx cards, and am getting impatient of waiting 12 months to upgrade the lesser Hilton’s and Marriott’s:

  • Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant
  • Marriott Bonvoy (Upgradable in February)
  • Hilton Honors Surpass (Upgradable in April)
  • Hilton Honors Aspire
  • Hilton Honors (Upgrabible in March)

I am thinking of using the link to get another Bonvoy Brilliant first and they will call to ask me to cancel my Hilton Honors Surpass card (no bonus given as its my #2). Reder PJ also notes:

Everyone needs to keep in mind you have to wait 90 days to open up the same product. Derp please update your article to state that so we don’t make that mistake. Also these offers expire at the end of 2021 so it’s smart to get a bunch of these in your email from others and put together a plan for 2020-2021.


Churning May Affect Security Clearance

There have been two reports now of security clearances in jeopardy or denied due to excessive credit card accumulation:

Hi Everyone. First of all, thank you so much Derp and your team for writing these fantastic articles! I got into some serious churning 3 years ago because of you guys! Great job. Just wanted to give EVERYONE a huge heads up and warning in regards to Churning that personally affected me. During a job interview that required top security clearance, they failed me during the polygraph and in person interview for having “Too many credit cards”. They hammered me hard on that portion and despite paying EVERYTHING off on time and despite me explaining the process behind “churning”, they labeled this behavior has excessive and a behavior not “fit” for an agent position.
I was on my final stages of becoming and obtaining my dream job but never knew this could possibly have affected me. Knowing four different languages, graduating from Boston College + commissioned officer, I was certain that I would be golden but having too many credit cards was what ultimately disqualified me from being offered my dream job.
Just wanted to give a warning to everyone who plans on working at an agency that requires a top secret clearance, especially in an “agent” position.
I cannot give out the specific agency but nevertheless, I will be enjoying this rest of the year with my wife, the great benefits of SCRA/MLA. Now time to travel to Southeast Asia with all the points that i accumulated throughout my active duty career!

-Reader Marcus on 11 October 2019

The other datapoint is here on reddit. You think it’s time to give up the game? Looks like churning is off limits to the entire line community that actually needs TS clearance.


Hilton & Marriott point stock-up tips

While we prefer to earn most of our hotel reward program points through credit card welcome bonuses, that isn’t a long term sustainable option as you’ll eventually run out of cards that you can achieve bonuses with. One of my favorite secondary options is to buy points during bonus deals from Hilton & Marriott after they’ve extended their point purchasing limits for the year.

Currently Hilton will allow you to purchase up to 160k points in calendar year 2019, with a buy a point get a point free deal. While this isn’t normally a fantastic deal, it’s a great way to capitalize on meeting welcome bonuses on a card. Earlier this year I purchased 80k points at 1 cent per point for $800. While this is normally a terrible deal, I got another 80k points for free and completed the majority of the minimum spend for the AMEX Hilton Honors card to get another 100k points. So for $800 I received 260k Hilton Honors points. Some would argue that this still isn’t that great of a deal, but when you use your HH points wisely at the higher reward properties (think Hiltons in Bora Bora, Maldives, Hawaiian islands) when prices are $1000 plus a night, you can stretch your value very well. Coupled with the 5th night free when booking with points option and free weekend night certificates, you can complete a 5-7 night stay at a top end Hilton for less than 400k points that would otherwise cost you upward of $7000! Remember that you can pool points between Hilton accounts, so you can easily accumulate over 1 million Hilton points with welcome bonuses for all three cards (Aspire – 150k, Surpass, 125k, HH – 75k) when you and your card partner both buy points and meet all SUBs.

Buy & Pool points with Hilton here

Marriott also has a relatively decent deal going on right now, and has doubled their normal point purchasing or gifting limit from 50k to 100k points per year. The normal purchase price of 1.25 cents per point is not a great deal as it’s tough to get a higher value than that at Marriott properties. Right now, however, points are discounted 30% to 0.875 cents per point. Still not an awesome deal, but purchasing 100k Marriott points for $875 to finish a welcome bonus on any of the Marriott co-branded cards will net you a much better deal. The welcome bonuses are higher than normal on many of the Marriott cards right now, and the 30% point purchase discount ends on October 18th… so act fast if you need to stock up Marriott points for an upcoming trip!

Buy/Gift Marriott points here

These are good tactics to use if you are trying to churn through welcome bonuses quickly, and as usual only if you have the cash on hand to pay your balance immediately. Remember to use Derp’s referral links from The Beginner’s Churning Guide if you’re going to sign up for a card!