Next Trip: 8 Cents Per Point For ORD to Brussels (BRU)

I have some grand plans to fly from ORD to BRU on United Polaris Business Class:

Right now they want almost $20k for two tickets on this flight:

However with points it is 240k United Miles:

Note the $1,631.85 is for all the missing points I don’t have yet. The flights are 8 and 9 hours each:

The flight would have been $19,543, but only costs 240,000 United miles for a sweet 8 cents per mile. The best way to get the 240,000 points is getting Ultimate Rewards as well as United Miles with the following products:

Note that the $95 annual fee will not be waived even for active duty. However the following cards have annual fee waivers for Military Members:

So that brings you right over 260,000 miles, other fee free for military cards to consider are the United Explorer card (50k United Miles), and the CSR (50k UR). All of these cards mentioned are 5/24 restricted. If you and your spouse play it right you would have 200K United and 260K UR which would be more than enough for this flight and the hotel stay!



2 thoughts on “Next Trip: 8 Cents Per Point For ORD to Brussels (BRU)

  1. YoniPDX says:

    Personally, I would use my miles on a longer lay flat flight i.e. TPAC or beyond the EU.

    We booked Swiss for 11CPP PDX-SFO-ZRH-JNB (Johannesburg, South Africa) for this December 80K UA (UR transfer or 80K CIP SUB) +$21.60 taxes

    Swiss Air Biz class has the throne seats. 22 Hours travel in Business class lay flat seats to SA.

    For kicks and giggles – 4/20/20
    Swiss Biz ~ORD-ZRH-JNB 80K (UA) +$21.80

    Fly Joburg – Cape Town or 5 Star train (25hrs 1K miles)
    Capetown (CPT) to ORD in Polaris seats part of flight (TATL):
    (1) Rtn ET 846 ET 700 UA 929
    CPT- ADD- LHR(Polaris) -ORD 80K UA + $78.13 tax
    (2) Rtn ET846 ET730 UA 973
    CPT -ADD-BRU (Polaris) -ORD 80K UA + $70.53 tax

  2. bc says:

    240,000 miles for an 8 hour roundtrip flight? No thanks. No matter what the cash cost would be.

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