Get 1.77 Cents Per Citi ThankYou Point with Jet Blue 25% bonus (Ends 19 October 2019)

I feel like Citi ThankYou Points (TYP) are the next frontier that I want to tackle on the blog. I have pretty much mastered AmEx for 1.5 cents for flights, and 1.25 cents for cash. Backing that are Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) for United and Hyatt transfers as well as weirdo hotel bookings at 1.5 cents per point. Now I finally figured out what to do with Citi ThankYou points!


One paradoxical nature of the Citi Prestige/Premier dichotomy is that you get a 25% bonus when booking directly with Citi ThankYou Points (TYP) only if you have the Premier card. Which is strange since the second tier Premier card has a bigger bonus than the highest Prestige card which only is worth 1 cent per point! However when you transfer points you get 1:1 ratio with both the Citi Prestige and Premier cards. Not the talk about the Citi Chairman Card which apparently is invite only.

Getting back to it, right now flights from ORD to BOS are a mere $413.20 for no luggage or flexibility for one adult and child the second weekend in January:

This is the “Blue” class which does not include luggage, but military get two bags when traveling on leave:

When booking with points they have the exact same flight for 27,600 points and $22.40 in taxes, with plenty of flights:

The cost equivalent is $413.20-$22.40=$390.80 for 27,600 Jetblue Points that only really cost 22,080 TYP for a grand total of 1.77 cents per TY point!

In anticipation for this flight I only transferred enough for the trip:

Leaving me with 62k points left to spend! What does everyone else do with their TYP?


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