Thomas Cook Ceases Operations

Another airlines/tour group has failed. Thomas Cook of which I have never had the opportunity to take advantage of has suddenly ceased operations. It got me thinking of how I would get out of such a mess. From the article:

The British government swung into action, lining up flights to bring an estimated 150,000 Britain-based customers back home from vacation spots around the globe in what was called the biggest peacetime repatriation effort in the country’s history.

Looking toward points, having a stash of many different point systems is not a bad thing. For example, even for a flight leaving tomorrow American Airlines has a DFW to IAD flight for a mere 12,500 points each way:

If I was to pay cash the flight would have been $1,000!

The times are a bit rough, but you could get home at 4 cents per mile! On my last flight on American Airlines Shuttle they had a inflight offer on the American Airlines Red Aviator:

The terms say I might not be eligible for the 60k in flight offer since I had the Aviator Red card many years before, I currently have the Silver Aviator Card which is apparently invite only. I upgraded it when it first came out.

Anyone with any data points out there about Barclay waiving for MLA? I currently have the fee waiver on the silver since I had the SCRA waiver on the red before I upgraded it. Barclay is very inconsistent, but even with the fee waiver this 60k point card is worth $2,400 in flights at 4 cents a point.


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  1. YoniPDX says:

    I’ve been wondering about the same, we try to pay for all our fees and taxes with CSR card for the trip interruption, trip delay, luggae, etc coverage. Not sure if insolvency is covered I vaguely remember reading that word in the T&C of the various benefits for CC. It’s not a true irropps -maybe if it effected a connection due to a plane being a wet-lease from/to Tom Cook.

    Also not sure how or who would pay for EU legs/aircraft under EC261 (EU flight compensation for delays missed connection).

    As well I do wonder how award seats will be/are effected and the scramble for revenue seats by people trying to get to the UK or ex-UK home. I imagine that revenue seats last minute will/would be spendy.

    Granted I think it will be a pile-on effect off backlogs till those transiting or on a “tour” return home.

    I think it’s part of the risk we run with awards game – I think I read with some Marriott properties if you miss check-in on an award reservation they can refund points and charge you cash price – An expensive missed connection to an over water bungalow for several days and thousands of dollars (hard dollar cost) lurks in my memories perhaps it was in Aspen, CO.

    I’m sure we’ve read the news about enlisted being bumped or missed connections TATL during winter holidays and paying thousands to get home or back to duty station. But last minute tickets are expensive – I guess that is part of the risk of our adventures- but you get a cortisol spike instead if an adrenaline rush haha.

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