Bonvoy Brilliant Anniversary Offers: $25, $300, Free 50k Night

AmEx is really trying hard to keep people from canceling their Bonvoy Brilliant Cards. Fortunately for Active Duty we get our $450 annual fee waived, making it a no brainer to keep this card forever! The first offer I received was for $25 of free money on 24 Aug 2019 from This offer was targeted, and I recieved it on my card and my wife’s card. However for one of my friends he only got it for one out of two of his Bonvoy Brilliants:

I was able to stay at the Boston Commons Ritz this weekend and spent $27.50 at the in room honor bar for two tins of snacks:

The “honor bar” has sensors and when the tin was not returned back to the magic pad in 30 seconds it auto billed the room! Prices were not that bad:

I grabbed the tins on the way out to check out and sure enough, the charge was already there on the computer. Note the 18% service and 7% tax for a whopping 25% upcharge:

The charge has just posted:

Not only did the $27.50 come off my $300 credit, I got paid $25 on top for spending the money on the minibar. I am going to try just using my wife’s card to buy something for $25 directly from the bar or gift shop as another datapoint.

The next email I got was kind of a tease, it came 02 Sept 2019 from, and it had a headline of:

You’re close to receiving a Free Night Award
from Marriott Bonvoy

The text continues:

This email ensures you keep the card open long enough to pay the next year’s annual fee, lucky it does not apply to many of the readers of the blog! I am going to have to wait till late October now to get my next 50k night. The first email contains about how the $300 fee is reset. On the AmEx site there is no counter, but only the terms of the offer:

I find the $300 on Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant to be much more flexible than the $250 resort credit on Hilton Honors Aspire. I would almost say I rather have 4 Bonvoy Brilliants and a single Hilton Honors Aspire. Thoughts out there on that?


6 thoughts on “Bonvoy Brilliant Anniversary Offers: $25, $300, Free 50k Night

  1. wedstuntpuller says:

    I’ve been contemplating the idea of getting more than 2 BBs as well, especially now that the $250 airline credit is semi-useless with the Aspire for us. Any data on whether or not we can get the Bonvoy Business credit card and upgrade that to a personal Bonvoy Brilliant? It would be nice to get another 100k points and then upgrade it after you get your 35k certificate in one year, but this seems like a long shot as I haven’t ever seen anyone go from a Biz to Personal CC.

  2. uiucderp2011 says:

    I don’t think you can product change a Business card to a personal card. However you can close out the BUsiness and just get a second Bonvoy Brilliant Personal card. The business version comes with a 25k night which happens every year.

  3. Clayton Reid says:

    Does anyone have any experience using the $300 credit for the room rate? I’ve seen conflicting data points and want to use it for an upcoming trip.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      it worked for me!

      • ArmyGrunt07 says:

        This past spring I used points for one night and then paid cash for the second night. The credit applied to cover the entire second night and also the valet parking fees that are unavoidable in Washington, DC.

  4. Dave says:

    I’m in favor of 3 BB’s, 1 Aspire, 1 Delta Reserve. I know the benefits of the reserve are low but I like priority access and having lounge access hard coded into my tickets. Need at least 1 Aspire for diamond status.

    I say this as I sit at 2/2/1 and don’t plan to swap an Aspire to BB because I don’t want to keep messing with Amex.

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