BOS Weekend From DCA

My plans of redeeming my $25 dining credit from my AAdvantage Silver Aviator Card by Barclays was thwarted by the fact my flight was a American Airlines Shuttle Flight. What this means is the flight is only and hour and twenty minutes and all beer, limited liquor, and wine was already included.

Without snack boxes to buy, I could not stock up like I usually do. On arrival I was able to get access (after a long walk from Terminal B) to Jerry Remy’s outside security in Terminal C (By the Alaska Airlines Check In Counter):

for a $23.25 lobsta’ roll and $6.30 Monsta Ale:

I meet up with a friend, and they let me have 2 x $28 credit for two rolls and two beers:

Excellent meal, at the end I put down $20 cash for the rest of the bill and as tip! They were sticklers on checking boarding passes for same day flights, so keep that in mind. Next stop was the Hilton Hotel at Logan airport which had a free airport shuttle picking up from Door 1010:

The room was a “business class” room which had an excellent view on the 9th floor especially in the daytime from the hallway lounge:

If you are a plane geek, you will love this place! Last night, we got a nice meal in chinatown and went to the hot brand new Encore Casino which opened just a few months ago:

If you don’t gamble, at least go to check out the $100 million dollars worth of art they have on display.

More to come as it happens


2 thoughts on “BOS Weekend From DCA

  1. Dan says:

    Hey Derp,

    Totally not related, but I thought I’d ask. Did not pay off all of my balances before jumping on the elevated Surpass offer. Was approved for just a $1k CL. To meet the MSR of $4k in 4 months, I will definitely need to find a work around. I know cycling the CL will get you a FR.

    I have had a very high velocity lately with charge cards so I want to avoid extra eyes if possible.

    1. Apply for another CC and transfer the CL over.
    2. Request a higher CL (filling out the online form to justify it).
    3. Just cycle it and hope for the best. Not ideal!

    Anyway, thank you so much for the insight.

    • wedstuntpuller says:

      My P2 got a $1k limit on hers also for some reason and the increase request never went through. Just paid $400-500 every week or so to restore the full limit, no FR.

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