What to do with these AA Miles?

There was a time where my AA Mailer code dealer lost his supply. Then the rumors came that the GrAAvy train was over, we all believed they caught wise to the multiple mailer loophole. I started getting the shakes when I got too close to completing spend without another card to churn! I had been very generous and regretfully gave my last code to a colleague, these were grim times indeed! Then my luck changed yesterday!

Now with my most recent success in using an email code, I am looking at 400,000+ American Airlines Miles! I began looking at all the possibilities on how to use it. I stumbled on this new airline I have never heard of called Air Tahiti Nui which only has a fleet of 6 planes:

Classe poerava business 787-9
4 planes are 787-9s

What is nice is these planes fly a route from LAX to CDG overnight with business class. Right now saver award space is wide open for 57,500 miles:

The return is a bit crazy with an overnight stopover in London on BA:

Not bad for 230,000 AA for RT from ORD to CDG. Although the routing is a bit messed up:

Any thoughts on how to use AA miles out there?


2 thoughts on “What to do with these AA Miles?

  1. Joe says:

    Are you planning to upgrade these to Prestige or get rid of after a year? I’ve heard Citi MLA can be hit and miss

  2. Nicholas says:

    There’s all kinds of things you can do, but I think the best value is probably EY or QR to Africa. My wife and I just flew Qsuites to and from USA-DOH with the old A350 (still a super comfortable ride) to and from CPT and JNB, respectively. 150,000 + $50 per person roundtrip. We went on safari and it was an absolutely amazing experience.

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