AmEx Personal & Business Green Card Revamp

Thanks for the impromptu chuning meeting last night at Jaleo Bethesda! The restaurant gives a very generous 20% discount for active duty. Good to see the folks over at Army Medicine are on top of their churning game. One thing that came up is the new Green card will literally be made of garbage:

Green Cards will be made primarily from plastic reclaimed from beaches, islands and coastal communities

I often joke that every card in my wallet is now metal since the banks have us all to believe metal cards are high class! They assume we won’t hold on to a plastic card because, it’s made of the same material as toilet seats! I guess AmEx wants to go with a high class garbage look. Anyways this deal came up from the conversation last night:

That is right! $50k spend get up to 150,000 MR points (but only on hotels, airfare, and dining in the form of 3x) in the first 90 days! This is the highest offer ever made for the green (previously only 5k MR for any spend), and is found on their public link. This may not be a great offer for most, however if you haven’t gotten the Green card bonus to later convert to another Platinum business, this may be your best offer yet.

For those that were bummed that the green personal went away, sit tight, your garbage card will be available soon!


2 thoughts on “AmEx Personal & Business Green Card Revamp

  1. YoniPDX says:

    I still have a working link for the 5K MR Green business with $0 AF first year ( I know its irrelevant if you AD with SCRA – I’m PS so it is relevant).

    But if anyone is still a Green Biz Virgin and would rather have the 5K MR im u/YoniPDX on reddit or at google mail.

  2. wedstuntpuller says:

    The ocean-trashy thing about these is they aren’t available for referrals, just good for upgrading your personal wallet. The new 3x bonus on restaurant spend is super weak too, but then again we were never in it for holding onto the Biz Green long enough to do anything with it other than tell Amex to go King Midas’ step-brother on it and turn it into Platinum!

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