Atlantic City: $125 Free Play Slots, 3 free nights, and Rock Legend Status at Hard Rock, $100 Free Play Borgata, $25 express comps, and a free night also M Life Gold to Hyatt Explorist Match!

Credit card churning is dangerous because without self control, the game wins you! If you are looking for a more tempting churning experience, check out the wonderful world of casino comps! At every corner you are tempted to blow your funds on something stupid. I am happy to report I churned Atlantic City with minimal use of my own money.

I ended up in Philadelphia and have been trying to pull off this status match chain for quite some time now. I missed the February 2019 deadline to get Hyatt Explorist in order to get suite upgrades. However I went to AC to get into the the world of Casino Comps especially for military members.

Right now many of you active duty have Hilton Diamond status with your Hilton Honors Aspire card. This card is $450 a year, but AmEx will waive for military members (and some spouses per some states). According to status matcher, this should be enough to get Cesar’s Diamond. I personally bought my Cesars Diamond using Founderscard. For those out there with Hilton diamond, check out the Wyndham status match page here, Then for Cesars Rewards you can match Diamond for the Wyndham Diamond.

You can get a hard copy of your Cesars Rewards card at the Cesars in AC or really any location. With this card alone you can get one free night at the Hard Rock without status match! I called and booked for a free night which I gave to a friend after checking in. He was my ride from Philadelphia to AC, but with the free night he ended up staying with his wife, and I ended up getting a $129 Uber back to Phila:

If you bring this Cesars Diamond to the Wild Card services in the Hard rock you can get a status match to rock royalty. Instantly there should be $100 loaded on the card to use on slots. You also get another 2 free nights to stay there, but only have three months to take advantage of it along with two tickets to Howie Mandel’s Comedy Club. I went to the slot machine with my card. The $125 in credits showed right away:

You can’t cash out the credit, but you must wager with it. So I chose all the lines and spun the wheel! I cashed out every time it paid out, and ended up with about $45 in “winnings”.

Now here comes the real cash out, I ended up with 2 free buffets that I picked up at the rewards kiosk. I went to the buffet and got some good food:

In the end I got paid a free night, two dinners and $45 to go to Atlantic city. I believe I have 2 more free nights that expire in 90 days as well that came on my Rock Royalty match.

My friend only had her Military ID and was given the Wild Card elite status:

This came with a single free buffet instead of two. I think $25 of free play got loaded on the slot machine.

The fun doesn’t stop there! I went to Borgatta and got M life Gold by showing my Cesars Diamond card again. This resulted in $100 Match Play certs that I picked up in $25 increments from the kiosk:

You have to pony up your own bet and the cert will double that bet. I played roulette, but they would only let me play the halves (black/red, even/odd, high/low):

I put $25 and cert on black and red hit, then I did it again on the odds and the evens hit! Right there I was out $50 of my own money. I then bet $25 and my third cert on red and got $75 (3 $25 chips)! They took away the cert after the wager and I was left with my original $25 chip and the payout of $50. I did it again with the last cert and my last $25 and it hit again! I ended up winning $50, and I got a free beer out of it.

When I picked up the M Life gold card I showed my military ID and they put me into the MVP program. This gave me 10% off on food at the cafe. I went to the casino cafe and got myself two tubs of caramel corn and a bottle of water for the $25 in express comps:

If you are out in Philadelphia and have some time to kill, then check out AC! Make sure you get that Hilton Diamond (From Hilton Aspire) Match to Wyndham Diamond to Cesars Diamond! When I got home I went here and then matched my M Life gold to Hyatt Explorist, good till Feb 2021!

The match took a few weeks because of some glitch, but reaching out to World of Hyatt via facebook messenger fixed the whole deal. Looking forward to what this status gets me at my stay at the Lincoln hotel in Lincoln Park!


3 thoughts on “Atlantic City: $125 Free Play Slots, 3 free nights, and Rock Legend Status at Hard Rock, $100 Free Play Borgata, $25 express comps, and a free night also M Life Gold to Hyatt Explorist Match!

  1. Joe bab says:

    Is Cesar still doing the free weekend stay at Atlantis with diamond?

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the info!

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