5 Hours in Branson From ORD for $30 RT on Frontier

Last year I went to see an amazing Christmas Themed show at Dolly Parton’s Stampede in Branson, MO. It was part of a mileage run so that my mom could make AA Platnum status before the year was up.

I flew ORD into Springfield, MO and drove an hour to see the show, but it turns out Frontier has a flight every Wednesday and Saturday from ORD to Branson!

Branson Airport Route Map

The flight is only $15 a segment!

The fare comes out to $1.15 a person round trip with the rest as taxes. Here is the breakdown for a pair of tickets:

I mapped it out and from Branson airport it is a 18 min car ride to the theater:

Best part is the flight arrives at 4 pm and departs returns at 9:35 pm making it perfect for the 5:30 pm show:

The military discount was $3 on advance tickets, not sure if it is higher if bought in person. This is last year rate:

Here is what they are charging for the weekend:

It was a dinner and a show, with tiny chickens all around:

Now on departure, Frontier is unique as it is a domestic airline that departs from ORD Terminal 5 (international) which has these two lounges:

Since the flight departs at 14:20 on a Saturday, I would get access to both lounges. While onboard FRONTIER airline, you get:

  • One free personal item
  • One free carry-on bag
  • Two free checked bags (no need for a 5 hour trip)

With this flight, I could finally exhaust my $300 inflight benefit on my Ritz card or $100 on Gold, $200 on Platinum, or $250 on Hilton Aspire AmEx card. This can be spent picking actual seats or on food. I am looking at Double Happy Hour (4 adult beverages, 2 mixers or soft drinks, 2 snacks) for $29.99! If I can pick seats at check in that should be a good way to spend most of the credit on a $30 RT flight, however I don’t know if showing your CAC at check in person would waive the seat selection fee.

Has anyone out there flown Frontier?


2 thoughts on “5 Hours in Branson From ORD for $30 RT on Frontier

  1. wedstuntpuller says:

    Even if you didn’t see the show, that’s a cheap way to have dinner/drinks at the airport lounge and in the sky on the way there and back. I would definitely need to use some Uber credits on the way home.

  2. Elizabeth McDaniel says:

    I flew frontier two years ago and they lost my bag. It was a mess but the price was great! I had two small children with me at the time. I would fly with them again.

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