AmEx $200 For In Lounge Dining?

Edit: Thanks Gary for the pingback!

Congrats to the newly minted O-6 reader that just reported to me that he was reimbursed for on the ground dining at the Admiral’s Club. This goes with several reports on flyertalk: here& here

cyncyn129 , May 8, 19 9:07 am:
Seems that purchases at the AA Admirals Club are reimbursed. Both myself and my wife (AU) got drinks at the Club, used our Amex PLT, and refund was posted to our account.

Segments , Jun 6, 19 10:55 am
Quote:Originally Posted by mia
Purchases of an Admirals Club membership or passes are covered, but purchases of food and drink inside the clubs has been inconsistent. At one time AA was using a different (outsourced?) merchant account for those, but that might vary by location.Reimbursed for food purchase in AC ORD H/K last week.

I will try it out with my new AmEx Platinum, and my soon to be upgraded former Personal Gold AmEx. In the meantime check out the menus here and here. I’m planning on buying a few Sparkling Split bottles of the Mionetto Prosecco if they don’t open them!

I recently came across a $25 Moët & Chandon vending machine at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia. It was located in the lobby and you buy the tokens at the bar:

I wondered if this would come off my $300 Bonvoy Brilliant credit

I am a sucker for tiny bottles of free booze!


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  1. […] Report that paid food and beverage options in American Airlines Admirals Clubs are being reimbursed by American Express Platinum airline credit (for those who have selected American as their airline of choice). Here are my suggestions among their paid wine choices. […]

  2. DownWithSebby says:

    Is there another Chase rule other than 5/24 and 2/30?
    I’ve been denied my 5th chase card for the second month in a row. I’m 4/24 + 1 biz card, trying for a Freedom Unlimited. Reasons stated as “Too many recent requests for credit”, and “Average length of time since accounts opened is too short.” Called the reconsideration line and was told since I opened 3 new cards in the past 3-4 months, there hasn’t been enough history on my account to determine my spending habits and payments.

    The odd thing is, my wife was able to open like 4 cards in 4 months lol. And she’s actually 6/24! They didn’t give her any problems since 1 of our cards is joint. Perhaps she’s a better sweet talker than I am…

    Not sure if I should try again next month, or just move on from Chase…

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