Maximizing ROI from Hilton through the holidays

As Labor Day approaches, both the elevated Hilton welcome bonus offers I previously reported on and their current “Go More, Get More” promotions are coming to an end. I was glad to hear that several of you were able to sneak in at least one Surpass card to take advantage. Hilton has a new stay-with-us promotion titled “Power Up”. Regular Hilton Honors members will receive double points for every stay between September 9th, 2019 and January 5th, 2020.

Most of us have the benefit of not being regular HH members with the help of our annual fee Hilton Honors credit card (or multiple cards). Through the Power Up promotion, you’ll receive triple points on every Hilton stay.

Fine print is your friend

The FAQ gives a couple example breakdowns, but long story short you will earn 40x HH points for every dollar spent through the promotion alone. Those of us with Aspire cards will earn an additional 14x HH points for every dollar charged to your card (Surpass 12x, plain Hilton card 7x). If you’re charging your rooms during this promotion to your Surpass to meet your $4k minimum spend in 4 months, you’ll earn a total of an insane 52x points for every dollar you spend (54x with your Aspire).

This is on top of your Diamond benefits that you’ll enjoy at each Hilton property with your annual fee-waived Aspire card. I’m wrapping up my Go More, Get More promotion period this weekend on this 4-day weekend journey with the family (Hilton Hotels for 3 nights, Marriott hotel to finish off $300 annual credit for 4th night):

Hilton hotels in Europe have (for me) been historically solid with automatic upgrading to executive-level rooms or suites. The Hilton Florence Metropole (average price of 80 euros/night on all 3 stays for a King room) has done this on 3 separate occasions for me. Can’t beat unlimited liquor, wine, beer, and food for several hours on the top floor executive lounge of the hotel for less than a hundred bucks while racking up major points!

Let me know in the comments how you plan to take advantage of the new Hilton promotion, and don’t forget to register prior to September 9th under “My Offers” on your Hilton account.

5 thoughts on “Maximizing ROI from Hilton through the holidays

  1. Wang Z says:

    Welcome and I really appreciate you taking the time to write on this awesome blog! This blog has truly changed my life and the way I churn. My wife and I plan on traveling to the Maldives (Waldorf) with my three Hilton Aspire Cards. My wife also got her Aspire last week so we currently have around 550k Hilton Points and four weekend certificates as well as 420k AMEX MR points.

    I won’t be able to take advantage of this crazy promotion since I am deployed but around May, points start at 120k per night so I plan on booking for 4 days, get 5th night free and use the two weekend certificates.

    In terms of flight, I hope to transfer my points to Emirates and fly to the Maldives with my wife for our ultimate dream honeymoon when I come back. Being a diamond member, I’ll be able to eat at the breakfast buffet and order whatever I want on the menu, all included. We will probably have to skip lunch since all dishes are priced at around $30…. and Dinner? Goes from like $100-$1000, depending on what we get. Would love to write my experience on this if all goes well. All this made possible cause of DerpReport.

    Cheers everyone!

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I love hearing these success stories, in fact one of my colleagues over at Little Miss traveler wrote about his Honeymoon:

      If you want to gest post, let me know


    • wedstuntpuller says:

      Glad you could bank all of that, my wife and I have a similar “dream vacation” plan a couple years from now after I transfer back stateside to Bora Bora!

      Remember that the Conrad Maldives is a Hilton Resort, so you have your $250 Hilton credit for each Aspire card you have. I would recommend calling the property and asking them how many ways you can split your checkout bill. You could potentially get $750 in food for free this way!

      As far as lunch goes, whenever I go to a Hilton property that has a buffet breakfast, we tend to go big and eat a larger meal that will hold us over until mid-afternoon. Sometimes we snag a couple bananas, peanut butter, etc to take with us. Cheesy? Maybe… but I’ve never been stopped, and it saves money every time. Liquid lunch is also a better option for me personally.

      Keep in mind that you could also potentially book flights on a Biz Plat and get 35% back, an insane value that I find typically offsets the “elevated” points price through Amex Travel’s portal. Grab 3 (or more) Biz Plats before May to have multiple airlines covered.

      Good luck!

      • Wang Z says:

        Hmm, could you elaborate more on the 35% back through Biz Plat? I currently have three Platinum cards but no business cards. (Also sill trying to figure out how to use my $600 travel credit via Amex T-T )

        I personally do not own a business so idk if I would be eligible for the amex bus plat but any input would be great!

        The property does allow me to split the bill via multiple credit card so I will most definitely be taking advantage of my three aspire cards + my wife’s card too! That $1000 in free food is huge!

        • wedstuntpuller says:

          Anyone can get a Biz Plat. You just apply as a sole proprietorship and use your SSN as the Business EIN. Type “biz plat” or “business platinum” into the search bar on the top left of any derp page and you’ll get tons of reading on it.
          BLUF though: Whatever airline you choose for your $200 annual credit with any biz plat also gives you a 35% point return on the same airline when you book through the AMEX Travel portal with points. (Ex: Choose Delta, book a Delta flight through AMEX Travel, pay with points. Roughly 4-8 weeks later you’ll receive a credit back to your MR bank of 35% of the points it cost you to book that ticket)

          If you can get approved for platinums/aspires/etc, you can get approved for Biz Plat. Read one of derp’s write-ups by searching how I mentioned above on how to hit all 3 biz cards (Plat/Gold/Green) to get the welcome bonus and max points for each. If you can swing paying your taxes/major home improvement item/etc on the biz plat, the welcome bonus offer is up to 75k for $20k spend right now (50k for first $10k, 25k for next $10k) in 3 months.

          Also Waldorf Astoria and Conrads typically have a $50 per night credit to your bill on stays of 2+ nights. I would read the fine print on Conrad Maldives’ Hilton page to check on that particular location though.

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