5/24 Loopholes

Hey team! Greetings from the best country on Earth. Beyond excited to be part of this thing.

There have already been a few articles on this shared by DoC and TPG over the last few months, so I’ll keep this very brief and share where to learn more.

Chase is sending targeted offers to accounts that ignore 5/24. YMMV, but data points suggest that this works for more people than it doesn’t. I’m well into the LOL/24 range and I was just instantly approved for a Chase Freedom which I’ll product change to a CSR in 1 year.

It feels like Christmas!

People have gotten targeted for several different cards. Check your Chase account for the following:

-Flagged alerts (top left in browser) with an offer

-“Just for you” products on the left sidebar with an offer

-Black Star offers on your biz card accounts

There seems to be a higher chance of approval if the offer terms include a fixed APR rather than a range.

Bypass Chase 5/24 Rule On Business Cards With Black Star ‘Just For You’ Offers




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