Get Rid Of Your Priority Pass From AmEx NOW!

If you have played your cards right (pun intended) you should have at least one other fee waived: Citi Prestige, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Ritz Carlton, or the U.S. Bank Altitude Card. Most likely you never thought about getting the Priority Pass for these cards as you already have the one with your AmEx Platinum, well as of 01 August 2019 that AmEx based Priority Pass is cursed!

I just departed from Terminal 8 at JFK and stopped by the Bobby Van’s grill to get my free $28 burger and beer:

The diner right next to me was throwing a fit that his priority pass did not work, and how he was a very important man since he has an AmEx Platinum card. Turns out he failed to read the several emails sent out as well as the clear signage at the restaurant:

My waitress was clearly annoyed by all of the recent bad noise from this change. Turns out there have been a lot of upset patrons in the last two weeks!

She asked me to explain the difference in coverage and I ended up showing off my collection of priority pass cards of which I had written their sources on the back. I assured her once the new Centurion lounge in JFK terminal 4 is built, then all those pesky rich assholes will be gone!

If you have any of the other priority pass issuing cards you should get a non AmEx Priority pass to continue to enjoy the $28 credit at non lounge outlets:

There really is no advantage to have the AmEx Priority Pass, just continue to carry the AmEx Platinum card to get access to Centurion, Escape, and Airspace lounges.


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