AGD 2019: ORD to BDL via IND and CLE

Our attempt at one of theseIn

Howdy folks, it was great meeting up with all you dental readers out at AGD 2019 at the Mohegan Sun Casino! I have been told that I am very bad with my trip reports. My backlogs of reports from my past trips of Germany, Mount Rushmore, NYC will never be filed on time or even at all. I think this is pretty shitty of me because that was the whole point of this blog was to show traveling with points. My message is: don’t just earn points, but use them! This needs to be better exemplified in future articles.

I will give Little Miss Traveler credit on being super diligent on reporting how to live out our points based travel lifestyle. She just posted on her most recent trip, and suggested that I write as I travel, so here goes…

Cost Summary

  • Flights: ORD to BDL RT: 34,000 Avios + $40.40 from Chase Iberia
  • Hotel (Expense to U.S. Bank Altitude $325 travel credit):
    • $147.95 military rate BDL Airport Sheraton
    • $200 Reciprocal Member @ Q Club via Marine Memorial
  • Car rental: $154.47 for two days on CSR ($300 Credit)
  • TSA Pre-Check from using my DoD ID number as my Known Traveler ID Number (KTID)
  • Lounges: AA Admirals club ORD, Escape Lounge BDL
    • American Airlines Executive Card
    • American Express Personal Platinum
  • In-Flight Dining: Free with Military ID
  • In-Flight Beverages: Free with Main Cabin Extra via CAC
  • In-Flight WiFi: Free with Barclay AA Aviator Silver


Typical for ORD, there were plenty of delays throughout the day due to thunderstorms. The morning of every flight, I always check out the misery map on flight-aware. This gives me an idea on how miserable my trip will be. I also use Trip It Pro via my membership with Founders Card.

Check in was chaos, lots of sad faces from all of the delays. There is one Kiosk in the back for military. You must use this terminal to check in, check luggage for free, and pick free Main Cabin extra seats. It has a screen that welcomes military members:

Look for this special kiosk

When you check in it will call an attendant to verify your status. This also some how assigns your military status to your ticket, because later on when I bought food the flight attendant said the computer showed my military service and the food was comped!

I used my DOD ID number from the back of my CAC as my KTID number on check in which got me precheck, I then checked two bags which got the priority bag tag as what I presume was from either having every single AA card or form military status.

Security line was short and I headed right to the AA Admirals club located in Terminal 3 right in between the H and K councourses. They would have let me in on just boarding pass and CAC alone, but I showed my AAdvantage Executive Card.

4 thoughts on “AGD 2019: ORD to BDL via IND and CLE

  1. SWO2003 says:

    You mentioned free in-flight meals based on military status. Please explain. I’m not familiar with that one, beyond trying to burn through remaining AMEX travel credit that can’t be used for gift cards. I did this on a transcontinental AA flight last week. It’s actually challenging because AA’s in-flight menu is reasonably priced.

    • AK says:

      Sometimes on AA, if you order food, they’ll see that you’re military based on your seat and comp it…YMMV. Only happened to me once from DFW to HNL

  2. wedstuntpuller says:

    Unrelated but gotta push an article or at least a link to TPG regarding the Ascend’s retrograde back to the Surpass but with a welcome bonus including a free weekend night.

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