AmEx Biz Plat: 100,000 MR for $25,000 Spend

Almost worth doing even without the MLA waiver

Since my wife and I both have gotten the Biz Plat in the last 7 years (defacto life time), we are inelegibel for the 100k bonus. I have decided to have my mother get the AmEx Biz Plat for her real estate business. I would add myself as an AU and try for the MLA waiver, but I doubt that it would be honored. However with the current offer I could justify the $595 annual fee and here is why:

  • $200 in Dell credit
  • $200 in inflight reimbursements (going to try the cancel ticket method for statement credits)
  • WeWork membership for a year
  • 100,000 MR is worth $1,500 in flights alone

We have several large spends coming up related to the family business that would easily trigger the 1.5 MR for purchases above $5,000. If I stick to large purchases we are looking at 37,500 on spend alone on top of the 100k. Even if I were to book a flight to Hong Kong on American Airlines via Cathay Pacific metal for $1,375, it would cost me exactly 135,000 points, but I would get 35% of these points back (47,250) in a month. The flight would be only 87,750 MR. This would be lucutive enough to justify the nearly $600 annual fee!

The 100k offer is accessible only by referral, please use my links below:

Any data points out there for MLA/SCRA waivers for being an AD AU on a non-mil primary account?


11 thoughts on “AmEx Biz Plat: 100,000 MR for $25,000 Spend

  1. Mike Vazana says:

    My man Derp…I don’t know if you have covered this in another post, but can you please explain the cancelled ticket move for the $200 credit? I have 8 biz plats that need this spend

    • Le rams says:

      How far apart did you open and upgraded to new biz plats. I just did my second one a month after opening my first one and it makes me nervous of a future shutdown. Doing the same with my non mil wifey.

      • uiucderp2011 says:

        i could only do two in a 60 day period, but I haven’t been approved for an amex card for months now 🙁

    • Austin says:

      Yes, please explain the canceled ticket method!

    • R says:

      The ethics of doing the cancelled ticket when your getting the annual fee waived already is something to consider…

    • Dallasbest says:

      Purchase the ticket after selecting your airline. Then cancel within the 24 hr window. Wait a few days and you’re done.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      yeah, I have not done it myself, seems iffy, book a ticket then cancel in 24 hours, you get the credit and the refund!

  2. Tex says:

    How does one go about spending $25k in just 3 months? I’m interested, but have no idea how to meet the MS requirement.

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