AmEx Cleans Up (By Cracking Down on Self Referrals)

If you earned points by using your own referrals, then AmEx just clawed back all of your ill gotten points! According to reddit r/churning people have been seeing thousands of points being removed from their MR accounts!

Self Referral Is Now Verboten!

If you engaged in the heinous act of self referral (the act of using your own referral for another card for yourself), then you have this message to look forward to:

We are writing to let you know that, after careful review of your Membership Rewards® account activity, we have removed points in your Membership Rewards® program account. Please ensure that any Additional Card Members who are authorized to redeem points from your account are notified of this change in your Membership Rewards balance.

Why we are removing these points We recently noticed point accrual or redemption activity on your Membership Rewards program account that indicates an effort to obtain or use points in a manner that is not appropriate. It’s important for you to know that the Membership Rewards program terms and conditions state that “If we in our sole discretion determine that you have engaged in abuse, misuse or gaming in connection with earning or using points or that you may attempt to do so, we may:

Take away any points in your program account, Temporarily suspend your ability to redeem points, Temporarily suspend your ability to earn points, Cancel your program account, or Cancel any of your American Express Cards”

This is not the first time the RAT (Rewards Abuse Team) has struck! BE WARNED amex is cleaning house, best not fuck with them right now. On the flip side their MR site has been updated to not look like an AOL website anymore:

Despite all of the bad noise, I think it’s showing that AmEx is keeping up with Chase. Hopefully the next step is $200 airline incidental credit becomes a generalized travel credit like Chase, U.S. Bank, and Citi’s respective top cards!

Let me know if you got the clawback! I have never practiced self referral, but rather spouse referrals where I would use my wife’s links and vice versa. This practice has not been shut down, yet.


5 thoughts on “AmEx Cleans Up (By Cracking Down on Self Referrals)

  1. Ron Citro says:

    Wow, self referral. I’m gonna judge on that. So dirty!…:)

  2. Tim C says:

    Do you know if you get to use those referrals over again if they are being clawed back?

  3. el_georgie says:

    Self reporting here…. I got hit…so, don’t do it anymore, if you are. Got the email this morning and MR balance updated.

  4. strugglebus says:

    *Hey Derp, random q. When do you think you’ll update your US Bank Altitude Reserve section on Been looking forward to that for awhile now. Sorry to ask. Thx

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