Rakuten (Ebates) 10%, Top Cashback 12% Cashback On Dell, Combine with Amex 2x MR on Dell, and $100 Credit For Free Xbox Gift Cards

I just got paid to buy stuff form dell.com! Right now Rakuten is offering 10% and TopCashBack is offering 12% on Dell.com. Here is what I did:

  1. Sign up for Rakuten here for 10%
  2. Sign up for TopCashBack here for 12%
  3. Log into www.americanexpress.com
  4. Add the Dell 2x MR offer (targeted) as well as the $100 credit to your AmEx Biz Plat
  5. Log in to Rakuten or TopCashBack and search for dell.com, use that link
  6. Buy the $100 xbox live gift card
  7. Use your AmEx Biz platinum at checkout
  8. Wait 12 hours and your code will appear in the Dell Digital Locker
  9. Go to microsoft.com to redeem the gift card as a credit to your Microsoft store.
  10. Buy a drone or monitor or whatever you fancy from Microsoft
  11. Check out and apply the gift card balance

Here are the steps in photos:

Make sure you add this offer first
Add this offer if you have it, if not then just pass on it
This is the card to buy as it appears on the mobile phone
How this looks on check out
The key is in the Dell digital locker at the bottom after 12 hours
Get $12 for a $100 xBox gift card on TopCashback!
Adding the code will give you tis screen
How the credit will appear once added to Microsoft.com
One of the many toys you can get with multiple Biz Plat Cards
Take advantage of their military deals on Surface Pro

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Rakuten (Ebates) 10%, Top Cashback 12% Cashback On Dell, Combine with Amex 2x MR on Dell, and $100 Credit For Free Xbox Gift Cards

  1. wedstuntpuller says:

    Tried to do this with my 2 Biz Plats in late June and Dell just never processed the order, e-mailed customer service and they said it was a “system error” that never fully performed the purchase. Lost out on $200 worth of last periods credits and wept a little.

  2. ChurningCents2011 says:

    Used this method to purchase a Surface Pro 6 from the Microsoft Store a week ago. All 10 Xbox live $100 cards posted to my Dell Digital Locker. All 10 cards were credited by AMEX. Took about 24 hours to post in Dell Digital Locker. Microsoft store only allows a maximum of $1000 in giftcards to be loaded in your account. All 10 cards have been credited by AMEX. Next year I will buy a drone.

    • wedstuntpuller says:

      I know you’ve probably done it before but could you give a short breakdown on how you got your (assumedly) 5 biz plats?

  3. ChurningCents2011 says:

    To get multiple business plats there was no particular statagy perse. Over the course of 4 years I applied for a business plat for myself and P2. Both myself and P2 have an EIN. On the application I get creative. 1st I used my business name, 2nd used her business name with my name on app. 3rd I used my business name and with my name I included my middle initial. 4th I used her business name with my name and middle initial. 5th I upgraded business green to business plat. Repeated for P2.

    Not sure if 5 is the max per person because on two separate occasions over a 6 month span I tried applying for an additional business plat and app immediately goes to pending. When I call (same response on both calls 6 months appart) they tell me the app is being looked at by internal team and receive a response by mail in 7 days. Both times I get a letter in mail asking to validate business. AMEX wanted banking statement on bank letterhead with business name. Utility Bill addressed to bussiness etc. They give a 30 day suspense for a response or app will be terminated. So I guess 5 is max without business validation unless someone has more than 5.

    • Caleb says:

      +1 on this. Once you try for biz card #6 they start giving you the run around about business name and address verification.

  4. Community Player says:

    AMEX pulled something quite shady when I tried to purchase a monitor from the Dell website. It was end of June and I needed to use my Dell credit before the July cutoff. I purchased it on June 30th (have the receipt from dell) the charge posted on the amex mobile app for my 3 cards. A couple days later the charge disappeared on all 3 cards. Then on July 7th the charges appeared but with a July purchase date instead of the June date. No doubt amex did this on purpose to avoid me using both of my semi annual credits this year. I’m tempted to call in but not sure what that would get me.

    • wedstuntpuller says:

      That’s exactly what happened to me on a June 23rd transaction but they just never processed the charges. July 5th I did the exact same thing and go figure the charges posted not even an hour later… same checkout method both times.

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