Double Dip Cards?

AmEx is so lucrative for the MLA covered users that it makes sense to get multiple of many cards. When it became clear that people could simply apply for another Bonvoy Brilliant even while having one got me thinking if it would be possible to get another Gold AmEx while holding one. This would mean $20 in cheesecake every month on top of upgrading to two gold cards in a year!

On top of that the AmEx gold has $100 credit that will now work for American Airlines Gift Cards (back on as of 15 June 2019).

Any data points out there for this? Looking forward to more monthly cheesecake and free AA flights!


26 thoughts on “Double Dip Cards?

  1. Steve says:

    I got two brilliants, one was from an spg conversion. Do you think I could get 3? I have the two currently on separate logins.

  2. Caleb says:

    I made a data point. Just applied for Rose Gold #2 and was approved. My Rose Gold #1 was opened 10/10/2018

  3. Dallasbest says:

    Figured what the hell and tried it on a second login with all my business cards. Showed pre-approved when clicking to apply and got another gold and another platinum. Should give me 9 platinums and 2 golds now.

  4. Bubba says:

    $30 in cheesecake every month? Shouldn’t it be $20 or am I missing something?

  5. Himo says:

    Data point: just got second personal gold, second biz platinum and second Hilton Aspire (yay another free night, $200 resort credit and $250 airline credit).

    Tried to get another personal gold/personal platinum but application got canceled, probably because it is within 3 months of my last personal gold/personal platinum.

    For biz platinum there seems no 3 month same card restriction here… but i dare not get another… don’t want Amex to raise eyebrows

  6. wedstuntpuller says:

    This is a complete game changer and absolutely insane. For those that just got a round of second cards, a couple questions:
    1 – How long since you last were approved for that card?
    2 – Was anything else different on your application (name/address/etc)?
    If we’re not worried about welcome bonuses the second time around, you can load up on a new round of charge cards all at once.

  7. Marcus says:

    After reading all the data points I went for it and applied for another vanilla platinum and was instantly approved. My first vanilla platinum was opened Jan 17 and this will make my 6th platinum flavored card (2 vanilla plat, 1 PRG –> vanilla plat, 1 MS, 1 CS, 1 Ameriprise). It doesn’t make any sense to me. Does it mean we can apply for 2 every 90 days with no limit?

  8. Marcus says:

    Went ahead and got my second PRG as well. What stops a person from continually applying for more charge cards besides not wanting to draw too much attention?

  9. wedstuntpuller says:

    Marcus I think travelling down that path could be dangerous for all of us… there has to be some point where AMEX would get a flag saying “So and so has 43 Platinum cards” or something to that effect. I feel like their SCRA department should be tracking how many individuals have waivers and how many cards have their fees waived (i.e. how much money are they losing every year on us). At some point this would have to end if the abuse continued.

  10. wedstuntpuller says:

    Sort of DP: Just applied for 2nd biz platinum, 50 days after being approved for first one and got the dreaded “We’re reviewing your application, a decision will be mailed to you within 14 days”. Back to my normal churning schedule for now.

  11. troynewman says:

    What tracker do you use for all of your cards? Thank you in advance!

    • wedstuntpuller says:

      I know you’re talking about derp, but he does it the same way i do for the most part from a previous post of his that shows his 2 year card timeline… its just an excel spreadsheet full of cards. My columns are: Type of card, date approved for/counter start for welcome bonus, welcome bonus offer (highlighted green when i achieve it), date minimum spend must be achieved by, X/24 cards in the current rolling 2 year period, travel credit amount, airline credit amount, resort credit amount, free nights per year, and finally notes (plans to upgrade card later, point multipliers for that particular card, etc).
      I have a separate sheet that shows the application rules for each major lender (AMEX, Citi, Chase) and whether I am green or red for being over the current rule(s), and if red what date i go back green for a new application.

      • troynewman says:

        Thank your thorough response! I appreciate it a lot! I have a little tracker as well, but its really simple.

      • troynewman says:

        Thanks for your thorough response! I appreciate it a lot! I have a little tracker as well, but its really simple.

  12. Pessimist says:

    I fear the end is near with Amex and military benefits. Last year I asked something to the effect of “do people feel bad about having 5 different types of platinum cards.”

    The answer was not really…it’s gonna end at some point so might as well eat up now. At least those cards were technically different products. Whole different ball game now.

    When Amex realizes what’s going on I personally hope they shut down and ban people that are opening a shit ton of platinum cards.

  13. 4th yr lyfe says:

    I have to agree with some of the sentiments stated here.

    While I know the mindset of the general populace is screw the banks, I think Amex has been particularly good at treating servicemembers well and I think there should be at least some restraint on our part not to burn that bridge, not only for ourselves, but for other folks who come after us and perhaps want to have only a plat, a gold, and 1 or 2 credit cards.

    Something to think about.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      I would likely say it would be wise to consider getting under 5/24 just to hit the chase and us bank products! There is a diminishing marginal return on just getting multiple platinum cards with no bonus.

  14. Steve says:

    Eh, Amex often earns about 1.5-2.5 billion per quarter on revenue of around 10 bn. I think they can afford to lose a bit on us. Also, I can’t tell you how many AD people I see using Amex platinum for things earning 1x and using it as their daily driver (which is bad idea). Amex I’m sure is making money off of these people with all the interchange fees going to them. People think they are ‘winning’ since they are getting a fee waiver, but they are most definitely losing.

    By and large we are in the super minority of churners. I do agree in spreading the wealth to other places however (Citi, chase, etc).

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Steve, totally agree with your comment!

      I would say more than half of the AD that flash around their annual fee waived platinum that I encounter don’t care to use their Saks Fifth, Uber, or even their gift card for airlines. They do however mindlessly show off the card like it’s the best thing ever, and put every possible charge on it despite it only earning 5x for direct booked airline flights.

      Just to have the card is the greatest benefit to many of AmEx Platinum Users. I am sure many of you readers knows a friend that just got it because of the fee waiver, but had no idea they could MAKE $500 a year off the thing!

      Hell, I have encountered may FULL $550 annual fee PAYING civilians that don’t use any of these benefits!

      This my friend is why AmEx wins even for the handful of super duper churners here. They got pretty much a base of people that have the card for the sake of having the card!

      The AmEx platinum is your typical veblen good! The higher the annual fee, the higher the demand, but no one knows why! I just hope I can explain to our AD brethren that it’s just more than a status symbol, but by all means it’s not the only card that I suggest on this site!

      TLDR: AmEx Plat, just one of Many, Many Cards you should have!


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