AmEx American Airlines Gift Card Reimbursements Back? NO!

Update: O-6 in Hawaii says his $200 gift card coded as a gift card, multiple other reports stating that the error has been fixed! Looks like we only have southwest and delta to hit now.

Reader el_georgie reported two data points (here and here) that suggest that the AA gift cards charged to AmEx Platinum are working again:

and on reddit:

Does anyone out there have any credits left on there AmEx Platinum and is willing to try to buy a $200 gift card? Your input is appreciated!

I have my O-6 in Hawaii attempting a $100 purchase right now.


9 thoughts on “AmEx American Airlines Gift Card Reimbursements Back? NO!

  1. el_georgie says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t have any left. As soon as I opened the Ameriprise a few months ago, I quickly went to SW and used it. Can’t wait to see more DPs on those sites and hopefully here.

  2. Dave says:

    I have a $50 pending as of yesterday on the Aspire.

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  4. Miles says:

    Not in the military, but enjoy the blog anyway. Anyway, I purchased an AA gift card a couple days ago, and sadly, it says “GIFT CERTIFICATE” in the purchase info.

    So either this was a quick temporary bug or there’s some specific criteria.

  5. el_georgie says:

    Dang! Thanks to those brave americans that risked their $ for the cause. I got excited with the hope of hitting AA next year.

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