Huge Delta Bonuses Are Back!

Update: there is a 75k offer for the Platinum Delta at but it won’t throw me points. there is also a 70k offer on biz gold, 80k on biz plat!

BLUF: If you got $16k to spend in 3 months, you can earn 285,000 Delta miles, $150 statement credit, 25k MQM. Offer ends July 31st. All annual fees waived for active duty. Please use my referral links below:

I just flew round trip in Delta ONE from ORD to FRA via JFK using only 172,000 Delta SkyMiles. This flight would have been over $10k if paid for in cash:

The flat bed was nice for the 8 hour flight, which included all the meals and drinks, as well as a nice Tumi Amenity kit. I was able to get six cents per point!

Full review to come later on MLA Travel Club. Now I am ready to experience one level up on the Delta ONE Suite only from DET to AMS on the brand new A350:

This service is a level above with a closing door and walls!

Limited dates in October that have one way non stop segments for 105k Skymiles:

If you have 3 slots of your 5 open for AmEx then it’s a good move. At the one year mark you would end up with two companion passes and you can upgrade the gold to another Reserve.


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