13 thoughts on “MLA Travel Club

  1. Ayman says:

    Actually looking forward to the “downgrade after active duty” section. Going to be transitioning in about 2 years and that has caused me to rethink some cards because they might not have a free version.

  2. troynewman says:

    Thank you!

  3. JohnCenaAirForce says:

    Very thankful for all the work you put into this Derp. Stumbled upon your story in militaryms. I am an O-1 in the USAF, and I am at 1 Personal, 3 Business Platinums, 2 Chase Sapphire Reserves, and PCing to a third Chase Sapphire Reserve next month. Very worried about the implications about of chase shutdown but that is a story for another time! I look forward to your next installments

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Love the name! I’m writing this on the ICE train going from Frankfurt to Munich. Flew here on delta one using miles, DB rail pass on chase sapphire reserve, and staying at the Hilton all for points! I love sharing this travel hack with our MLA status. Hope you find many free trips this way!

      Thanks for spreading the word!


    • Jacob says:

      Not to worry! I personally have 4 Reserves, and my wife has 3. No issues and no push back from the CSRs on the phone at all. Good luck!

      • Sand says:

        How does one get multiple sapphire reserve card? Do you just call a representative and ask for an upgrade?

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  5. Navy_Husband_Servant says:

    Slowly building my repertoire of credit cards. Few questions if you have a minute.

    1) Do business cards count toward the 5/24 rule?Thinking about hitting the Ink Preferred as I have extra 1099 income. Or after 5/24 of chase, should I forego the business cards and move onto to Step 2?

    2) Is the double dip chase application still possible? If I’m 4/24, and I apply for both Freedom and Freedom Unlimited on same day, can I still be approved for both?

    3) I had a Chase preferred opened on 06/17, that should fall off next month, but I upgraded to reserve less than a year ago, will the upgrade count as a 5/24?

    4) Lastly, the b̶o̶s̶s̶, err wife, originally made me an authorized user on her CSR (foolish, I know…). I heard it’s possible to remove myself with some leg work by calling Chase and Experion/Transunion/etc. Have you heard any success stories from others doing so?

    Thanks! Looking forward to more updates to your site.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      1) Business cards do not ADD cards toward the 5/24 rule, but of you are over 5/24 from personal cards, chase will still deny you.Chase can obviously see if you have 5 business cards from chase and might deny you that way. They can’t see AmEx biz cards. Use your SSN as a sole proprietor for these cards. Chase will NOT waive annual fees for biz cards for military so it ultimatly not a worthwhile venture for most.

      2) The double dip chase application still technically possible you can still be approved for 2 applicaitons if you to cram that last slot at 4/24.

      3) product changes such as upgrades dont count towards 5/24

      4) you can always call reconsideration and have them “ignore” the AU accounts for consideration for application for a new card.

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