Rakuten Paid Me $122 To Look Fabulous In A Free $800 Saks Fifth Avenue Velvet Dinner Jacket (Thanks To AmEx)

I have become a vapid Millennial Influencer.

Saks Fifth Avenue
COLLECTION Velvet Dinner Jacket

Part of the $495 annual fee on the AmEx Platinum is $50 to spend at Saks Fifth Avenue twice a year (Jan to June and then July to December). Add the benefit on each Platinum card and just charge $50 at Saks in store or online (Not at Off Fifth), the charges get reimbursed in 4 days:

Lucky for Active Duty, AmEx waives the $495 annual fee. We are getting $100 a year on Saks Gift Cards, $200 on uber, $200 on Delta or Southwest gift cards with no annual fee. Right now Rakuten (AKA EBates) is offering 10% online at Saks Fifth Avenue:

On top of that they are offering 4% cashback in store at Saks:

I previously posted on going in person to Saks Fifth Avenue in Chicago and buying multiple gift cards with the charges split over several cards. My goal is to have these 16 Personal Platinum Cards:

  1. Vanilla AmEx Platinum
  2. Vanilla AmEx Platinum Player 2
  3. Vanilla AmEx Platinum From Prefered Rewards Gold
  4. Vanilla AmEx Platinum From Prefered Rewards Gold Player 2
  5. Vanilla AmEx Platinum From Rose Gold (Need to Upgrade)
  6. Vanilla AmEx Platinum From Rose Gold Player 2 (Planned)
  7. Vanilla AmEx Platinum From Green
  8. Vanilla AmEx Platinum From Green Player 2 (Planned)
  9. Ameriprise AmEx Platinum
  10. Ameriprise AmEx Platinum Player 2 (Planned)
  11. Ameriprise AmEx Platinum From Gold
  12. Schwab AmEx Platinum
  13. Schwab AmEx Platinum Player 2
  14. Morgan Stanley AmEx Platinum
  15. Morgan Stanley AmEx Platinum Player 2
  16. Mercedes-Benz AmEx Platinum
  17. Mercedes-Benz AmEx Platinum Player 2

I got 4% on all $800 of gift cards I bought over the second half of 2018 and the first half of 2019. I then spent all the gift cards on the jacket. I should have gotten another $50 gift card to pay taxes:

You can use up to 9 gift cards on check out!

I then got this email the next day:

So score card:

  • $50 charged on each Plat * 16 = $800 @ 4% Cashback = $32 cashback
  • $798 Jacket @ 10% = $79.80 cashback
  • 800 AmEm MR points @ 1.25 cents per point on Schwab = $10
  • Total: $32+$79.80+$10=$121.80

I picked the free shipping via Shoprunner which is a benefit of the AmEx platinum. I also went for the gift wrap! If I was smarter I would have saved up enough cards to pay the taxes, but my last $50 card went as a prize for my Webull competition.

There was a embarrassing mix up where I sent my $200 card to the third place winner instead of my $50. Lucky I have excellent readers, and BC traded the card back with no problems at all!

Thanks for making this jacket possible BC!


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