How To Get Multiple Bonvoy Brilliant Cards, and 150k Bonvoy Points!

I think we have a new strategy to hit AmEx for 150,000 Bonvoy and end up with two Bonvoy Brilliant Cards.

  1. Get the personal Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant for 75k Bonvoy
  2. Get Marriott Bonvoy Business for another 75K Bonvoy
  3. Close the Bonvoy Business after the 35K annual cert hits
  4. Open Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant #2

Matt just posted his most recent datapoint regarding his third Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant:

DP: Approved for Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Aug18. SPG LUX auto upgraded to MBB #2 Apr19. Applied and approved for 3rd MBB this month. Plan on getting Aspire #2 next.

Reader Mike said a week ago:

I was approved for a second Bonvoy Brilliant while already holding one.

These data points lead me to believe that my last ditch effort to get the SPG Card in February was not needed. Instead I should have simply applied for a new Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant, despite already having a SPG Luxury Card that automatically became a Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant.

Currently I am left with the painful waiting game of keeping my new AmEx Bonvoy open till February 2020 just to upgrade to another Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant. Rather, I could be enjoying another 50K free night as well as a $300 statement credit in one year if I just had the balls to have gotten another Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant.

If I have know about this double dipping possibility, I could be swimming in 150,000 Bonvoy Points. This new approach would milk the 75k bonus for the Business Marriott Bonvoy, and then swap out for a second Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Personal. According to Greg at the Frequent Miler, It would be possible to get both AmEx bonuses, as long as you waited out the time with the Chase Marriott:

From The Frequent Miler

I personally had the SPG Business so there is no point for me to attempt this churn. If you haven’t jumped on the Bonvoy Train yet, I recommend hitting the business and personal AmEx Bonvoy products, then replacing the business with another Bonvoy Brilliant.


4 thoughts on “How To Get Multiple Bonvoy Brilliant Cards, and 150k Bonvoy Points!

  1. wedstuntpuller says:

    Seems like a solid idea, probably going to use my 5th spot for this vice the Delta Reserve. Worth it for at least 3 nights worth of points.

  2. Terrence says:

    So if you have the Marriott Bonvoy business card, you can swap it for the personal card version. I’m confused on how to get 3. I currently have just the personal Marriott Bonvoy

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      You can’t turn business to personal. Just keep applying for Bonvoy Brilliant and they will just give them to you without the bonus!

      • Terrence says:

        I had no idea that you could do that. That’s great info! Looks like the best overall Amex set up for your 5 cards is 3 Hilton Aspires and 2 Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card’s

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