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I got an notification today from The Cassey Excursion who just posted on personal finance. It has almost been a year since I had read her blog, and I had come across her blog recently to show as an example to Little Miss Traveler for some inspiration.

Cassey joined the Navy via Officer Candidate School and served as an Active Duty line officer. She documents her adventures on the ship and traveling the world. She has since gotten out and has been blogging recently on her post Navy experience.

Cassey’s blog is what started out my own personal churning adventure. She was the first to show me the SCRA waiver on the American Express Platinum. Without her site, there would be no Derp Report as we know it today!

She has not reached out to me in any way, but I wanted to give her a spotlight here for all the active duty readers. This blogging life can only survive if we can cater to our 1,000 true fans. I just hit 200,000 pageviews here at Derp Report, and I hope to continue growing:

If you got a chance, please check out her vlog and youtube channel! Currently she has 15 subscribers, but I am sure she would be thrilled with some traffic from this humble little site!


One thought on “Check Out The Cassey Excursion

  1. Cassey says:


    It warms my heart to know that I was able to provide someone out in the internet with some insight, especially when it comes to free benefits and rewards for military members! Thanks so much for this post!


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