Zero Financial (ZeroCard) Back From Dead

I wrote about the new Dave Ramsey Compatible Credit Card called zero almost three years ago. Well this scrappy company, which I thought had died long ago, finally sent me an email:

So I jumped on it today because I believe this is the best 3% cash back card that acts like a debit card:

Of course to get to the 3% carbon position, you got to refer the hell out of the product and complete these activities:

Not sure if anyone really has time for all of that. Here are the ways to level up:

Not worth spending $100,000 to get zero carbon, if you already have the double cash back from citi or the gold luxury card from barclays then you already get 2%. If you have the USAA limitless you get 2.5%. But if you want to try for the 3% and have a lot of friends then please use my link here to get on board:

I downloaded the app and registration works like Robin Hood. It acts as a credit card application and checking account all at one time. This requires taking a photo of your driver’s license as well as a credit card pull. Be warned this is going to count against your 5/24. Once set up I linked my Chase checking account via login and transferred $1,000:

Hope it’s not a total scam. There is only one other review out there. DoC wrote indirectly about it last year. Credit Cards have started to become hated by the younger crowd because of the possibility of not paying off the bill. This card acts like a prepaid secure credit card, but earns 3% cash back. It’s edge is that the app works in real time to show if you are on budget or not.

Let me know if any of you readers from 3 years ago got an invite!


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