No Bonus On Hilton Ascend With Previous Surpass

If you were wondering if you can get the bonus for the Hilton Honors Ascend, but had a previous Surpass, the answer is no:

My goal is to get all three Hilton Cards:

I currently have the Aspire and Honors cards, I clicked continue and submit. I intend to upgrade the Honors and the Ascend to two more Aspire cards. The application for the Ascend went to pending. I think it is because I just closed my Delta Platinum (my 5th amex credit card) last night and that hasn’t cleared yet.

My other thought is it has been exactly 90 days since I applied for 3 credit cards. There is an ongoing 2/90 day rule where you should not try to apply for more than 2 cards in a 90 day period. Any other data points out there?

Update, I was approved a mere two hours later:


2 thoughts on “No Bonus On Hilton Ascend With Previous Surpass

  1. Dave says:

    Gosh Derp, I read this and my heart sank but your title should say Ascend, not Aspire.

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