Golden Flashlights From Barclays Gold Luxury Card

There is one O-6 in Hawaii who successfully negotiated with Barclays Bank to continue his $995 annual fee waived on his 24k Gold Luxury Card. Last night he got his third “Luxury Gift” which was a gold maglight flashlight set:

This very disappointing as compared to the Ray-Bans and Cross Pens that we had received before:

I didn’t pursue getting the $995 fee waived on my Gold Luxury, so I closed the card in January 2017 after hitting the $200 credit one last time. I currently have the Arrival+, AAdvantage Aviator Silver, and Wyndham ($75 annual fee version) also from Barclays Bank. I don’t get charged the annual fee on the Arrival+ and the Aviator because I had them all prior to 2016 (before the 28 Nov 2016 Gold Card shutdown). However I get charged for the Wyndham card:

I figure that I opened the card after the 28 November 2016 SCRA shutdown, BUT before the September 2017 MLA implementation. I haven’t even tried to apply MLA on this one, and just paid it like a bitch. I wrote Barclay off as a complete lost, but then I got this datapoint today from reader MJV305:

So apparently they only deny scra and mla on the gold card.  My 03 buddy has the black card and he says the annual fee is waived and he def got it after he joined the military.  I personally wouldn’t even waste my time with the black card though.

Mjv305 on 11 May 2019

If this is the case regarding MLA, there are several card worth looking into:

$495 annual fee, worth $100 travel credit and Luxury Gifts
$99 annual fee, 70k for inter-Hawaii flights
$99 annual fee, upgrade to Silver Aviator for $25 a day credit for in flight dining
$95 annual fee, do it for the 75k AAdvantage, and companion pass

Any data points out there on these other products?


6 thoughts on “Golden Flashlights From Barclays Gold Luxury Card

  1. Dave says:

    I got an Aviator Red on 6/16/17 and it is not waived.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      MLA did not hit till Sept of 2017, do you think you are in the donut hole (post November 2016, but before Sept 2017) causing a non waiver of fees?

      • Dave says:

        Yeah probably. FWIW P2’s AA Red was gotten 14Sep17 and also no waiver, but if I remember correctly the waiver started late Sep.

  2. ET says:

    Hawaiian personal and business at the end of 2018, both had annual fees hit. How do you request MLA with Barclay?

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