WeBull Challenge Conclusion

Six months ago we started a little contest using Webull to trade paper money. Today I get to announce the winners:

  • 1st: $250 Southwest Airlines digital gift card
    • Credible @ $1,144,215.47
  • 2nd: $100 American Airlines digital Gift Card 
    • DerpReporter @ $1,112,847.49
  • 3rd: $50 physical gift card from Saks fifth Avenue
    • BC @ $1,087,812.00
  • 4th: Jouster @ $1,066,405.21
  • 5th: Mjv305 @ $1,062,962.27
  • 6th: SheepDoggyDog @ $1,030,841.68
  • 7th: Julia’s College Fund @ $1,000,000 (No trades)
  • 8th: Magoo @ $939,530.34
  • 9th: HeimTime @ $700,425.81

Previous posts can be found here, and an excel file here:

Thanks to all that participated! I hope you guys get some ideas on what, (and what not) to invest your money into aside from the $19,000 you put into TSP! Many more contests to come in the future, so stay tuned.


One thought on “WeBull Challenge Conclusion

  1. […] I picked the free shipping via Shoprunner which is a benefit of the AmEx platinum. I also went for the gift wrap! If I was smarter I would have saved up enough cards to pay the taxes, but my last $50 card went as a prize for my Webull competition. […]

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