U.S. Bank: 120k Radisson Offer

Frequent Miler is reporting the U.S. Bank Visa Infinite is offering 120k for $3k spent in 90 days. Unfortunately, I looked into it and 120k doesn’t go too far at the nice hotels in Chicago:

On the flipside, U.S. Bank is offering MLA waivers on all of their cards. This means the card will generate 40k every year for free, as the $75 annual fee is waived.

There does not seem to be a limit on U.S. Bank card cards. I am serious about hitting U.S. Bank hard, but can’t decide between a second Altitude, Korean Airlines, or this Raddison Card. Does anyone out there have a referral for this card or any U.S. Bank Product?

Any data points on getting a second Altitude?


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