Time To Manufacture Spend?

I done did it now, I just opened 4 cards in the last two months and I might not be able to organically spend my way out of this hole. I might need to turn to the good old plastiq trick or even the metal bullion churn.

Here is what I need to hit:

  • Chase Hyatt Card (Mom’s Account Due to 5/24)
    • Opened 20 March 2019: $5280.22 of $6,000 spent
    • 50K Hyatt for $6,000 total on purchases within the first 6 months of account opening
    • Referral Link Here
  • Citi Prestige
    • Opened 05 April 2019: $1,925.86 of $4,000 spent
    • 50K TY for $4,000 total on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening
  • Citi AAdvantage Select Platinum
    • Opened 05 April 2019: $0.00 of $3,000 spent
    • 75K AAdvantage for $3k in 90 days
  • AmEx Hilton Honors
    • Opened 14 April 2019: $0.00 of $1,000 spent
    • 100,000 Hilton Honors for $1k in 90 days
    • Referral Link Here

So I need to spend $6,793.92 in the next 3 months. My plan is to start up my plastiq referrals again. Please go here: http://www.plastiq.com/ and use my code: 674873 to open an account. You will earn $500 Fee Free dollars to charge to a card, and I will earn $1,000 in fee free payments. I will then use this pay off my kid’s monthly day care using a credit card.

The next level of Manufactured spending is to buy rare earth metals here. I did the same thing with Gold Coins back in the day, but almost lost my shirt. I intend to buy then sell these bars of American Buffalo bars that contain 1/4 troy ounce of 0.999 niobium. With the trade war with China set to escalate this summer, and China controlling 85% of niobium interests Brazil, I plan on this strategic metal to go up in value. What do I know, since I lost 90% on bitcoin?

This place also buys back junk silver and gold coins:

I acquired some silver coins when I was doing the Bridgeview Bank 5% pennywise savings account. Which is now shut down to new members.

Amagimetals will pay $10.40 for this $1.00 in change!

I am not sure on the process on selling back to Amagimetals, but in my last churn I was able to sell to BGASC.com without a problem. They require minimum amount of coins before they will consider buying back. In my case I had to sell back 5 Krugerrands at one time.

I don’t have $100 in junk silver yet, but I could buy the quantity I need from Amagimetals or BGASC on a card. Then wait for silver to go up, and then mix in my collection and sell to BGASC.com for a sweet check.

Any other MSing tips out there?


5 thoughts on “Time To Manufacture Spend?

  1. Steve says:

    prepaying your taxes is a good option.

    • Dan says:

      Yup, that’s how I do it. $20k / year in estimated tax payments at 1.87% via pay1040.com. Just set your W2 exemptions to 10 (max) in order to withhold the least amount, which opens up room for you to via credit card. I end up overpaying by $5-10k each year purposefully in order to meet a minimum spend.

      • Conner says:

        Do you just then pay the taxes on pay1040.com each month or wait until tax season? And you overpay your taxes and then that is given back on your return?

        • Dan says:

          You’re allowed up to two payments per quarter per payment service (pay1040.com is the cheapest). Yes, the overpayment is refunded when you file you’re return.

  2. Sam says:

    Sam here again! Couple of data points and tips for MSing.

    1. Venmo: pay someone you trust 2k at a time and have them refund you. This will eat up 3%
    2. Plastiq: same thing but this still eats up 2.5%
    3. When I got my amex rose gold, I bought (4) $500 Visa giftcards in one month. One gift card per week and all I had to pay was the $5.95 activation fee per card. Interestingly enough. I received 4x points for gift cards and within a week after hitting my 2k spend, I got my bonus points. It’s been 10 months and my points have yet to be clawed back.
    4. Buy Amazon or other giftcards at a grocery store. Specifically, stop & shop and shoprite codes giftcards as “groceries”.
    5. This only works with Visa but buy a $3000 computer at Costco and when you exchange it, just simply insert your debit card in when they tell you to put your card in. I’ve done this with almost $10,000 worth of stuff. Just a bit of a hassle, buying and returning.
    6. Tesla deposit: this sucks but you can pay a $2000 deposit with your credit card and 3-4 months later, you can request a refund and they will send you a check instead of giving you a refund to your credit card.
    7. Someone already mentioned taxes

    There you go! Hope this helps. My way of saying thanks for writing these great articles and tips/tricks. I love it!

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