AmEx, Ebates, Omaha Steaks Military Discount Triple Dip

Right now one of my AmEx offers on my AmEx Platinum is this:

If we value the points in redeemed flights the 1K is worth $15 or as a Schwab Cash out it is $12.50. If you add this deal to your cards you would get 30% off a $50 purchase.

On Ebates there is an offer of 3.5% cashback on top of free shipping and two free steaks.

I clicked the link to get this offer and I added the sale item for two 12 ounce Boneless N.Y Strip Steaks and signature seasoning at $39.99. I then added ten 4 ounce burgers for $20.99.

That is 4.625 pounds of beef for $61, which is not a great deal. However when we stack the discounts we see it’s actually in line with the supermarket. The first one is when I added the 10% military discount using troop ID.

The the 3.5% Ebates $1.92 off, and then the $15 back on AmEx makes for a grand total of $55.49 – $16.92 = $38.57 for 4.625 pounds of beef or $8.33 a pound shipped free to the house!


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