Update: It ended up being $100 for Darioush Wine! Going to get myself one of these:

I just got a message from my USPS Informed Daily Digest: and I have this in the mail today:

Wonder what it could be, I checked the hashtag #amexappreciates and this blog post. these things are possibly gifted to me:

  • $100 Turo
  • 2x $90 drybar
  • $250 Tiffany
  • $250 Barney’s
  • $100 Bonobos
  • $100 Vince
  • 3 Classes @ Soul Cycle
  • $100 Total Wine Gift Card
  • $250 Postmates
  • $100 Anne Fontaine
  • $100 Alice and Olivia
  • $100 Master & Dynamic
  • $100 Nordstrom
  • $100 Warren Tricomi
  • $100 Vinyard Vines
  • $100 Darioush Wine

Anybody out there get one of these?


2 thoughts on “#AmExAppreciates

  1. Steve says:

    Interesting, consider how much they probably lose on you. Lol

  2. Sheraz Cedeno says:

    This is cool! Didn’t know AMEX did this. I haven’t gotten one but I only have one AMEX Platinum card (only card with them) and I’ve only been with them for two years.
    I did take the interest free loan.
    No referrals. I wonder if they do these once you get a certain number of referrals, cards, or have a certain amount of time with the company. Could also be a combination of the previous three or could be totally random. No idea! If anyone cracks the code, please let us know.

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