Their Junk Mail is Our Treasure!

I just got my 4th American Airlines Citi card today using a mailer meant for someone else. I obtained it from a family member once I told them to stop trashing their junk mail. To imagine how many of these things I have thrown out myself! The code was even expired:

I went on over to and put in the last name and code from one of these mailers. The application will populate with their information, Just delete and put in your own.

I immediately got this response:

Your application is pending for further review, and we need additional information from you. Call 1-866-606-2787 now to receive an immediate decision.

Please have your application ID xxxxxxxxxxxx when you call.
If you call now and your application is approved, your card will arrive in approximately 7-10 days.

I simultaneously got this email and text message:

Once I texted “1”, I got a phone call from a No Caller ID number. They asked to confirm that I had indeed applied for this card. I also had to choose between shifting $19,500 of credit from my prestige to this card or just accept the $5,000 of credit offered to me. I opted for the $5,000 credit limit for this new card. I was on hold for about 10 mins and then they texted me a code to confirm that I was really me.

Next time I will lower my credit limit on my existing cards to avoid the shift game. I had good luck the last two times in asking for the 75,000 point bonus for $4,000 spend that is currently out there. I was refused for the bonus match twice, but after Hanging Up and Calling Again (HUCA) I finally got someone to give it to me on the online chat.

Here is the in Admirals Club offer right now for AA Executive
Lucky Lounge Check in Lady #783988 will get a bunch of referrals!

Now I have gotten 60,000 points from My AA Executive card, and 3 x 75,000 points from the AA Platinum Select card all using mailers. This is a total of 285,000 AA Miles. Which would be enough to recreate this scene from home alone. Well for one person at least:

You just need to obtain 8 mailers and have you and your player 2 hit 4 cards each for 600,000 points total, and you can fly to Paris on AA Business Class on a 787-8 for $128.23 in taxes and fees! Minus the fees you are getting about 3.2 cents per point considering the flight would have been $8,881.00!

With the same valuation, the 75,000 point offer would be worth $2,400, considering we can hit a pair of cards (8 days apart) every 65 days we can get 5 pairs of cards in one year for $24,000 in flight value assuming a constant supply of mailers.

Usually you would have to wait 24 months after receiving the bonus in any Citi card family to get another bonus. These mailer codes seem to be a work around because there is no 24 month language. This bonus was confirmed as valid on the phone call as well!

I have also not been charged the $95 for each card due to what I assume is the MLA coverage. Please don’t throw out the mailers, and send them my way! I also intend to upgrade each AA Platinum card in a year to multiple Prestige Cards worth $250 a piece in travel credit.


4 thoughts on “Their Junk Mail is Our Treasure!

  1. Tim C says:

    Quick question for you Derp. So you can use these mailers even if you are in the 24 month window of opening a card? You can still get the bonus? I have thrown so many of these out because they all read at the bottom that I wouldn’t be eligible for the bonus if I had opened up a citi AA card in the past 24 months!

  2. bc says:

    Hey Derp, I’m curious what you would do in my situation: way over 5/24 so staying away from Chase for now, all filled up in AmEx, have Barclay Arrival and Aviator Red. Now I’m looking at Citi, USBank, etc, none of which I’ve ever applied for. Should I start with Citi Prestige/Premier, or some AAdvantage cards? USBank Altitude? I’m a little lost outside of Chase/Amex so I hope you have an idea. Thanks man!

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      If your aviator red is without annual fee you should upgrade to the silver for a $25 daily in DAILY AA flight credit! Start with US bank because they are super strict and will deny for any reason, make sure you have a relationship with them first!

      If you want to risk it you can hit both premier and prestige at the same time, however you risk losing out on a bonus if getting one invalidates the next bonus. There has been a positive data point on hitting both bonuses at the same time, but that like $8,000 spend. I went for prestige first, and will get the premier in two years. Next hit AA Executive for the lounge, then use the mailers to get a crap ton of AA platinums.

  3. wedstuntpuller says:

    Has Citi done a hard pull on you every time you applied with one of the mailer codes? They send me an e-mail with an application code for a 65k mile AAdvantage World Elite Plat every other month. Would like to start taking advantage of these but not if it puts another inquiry on my report every time. If they do then i’ll forward you the e-mail so you can use the ones that I won’t before they expire.

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