Delta to Hilton Card Conversion

Edit: Rookie Mistake! I forgot to transfer available credit to another card before I closed my account! Make sure you do this first, before closing any AmEx account.

AmEx will not you you product change from one product family to another which is a bummer. Delta cards can only become other Delta Cards, and Hilton Cards can only be other Hilton Cards. This is not the case with Citibank, and I intend to convert all my AAdvantage Platinum cards into multiple Prestige cards.

I have two Delta Cards that are ripe for upgrading (each over a year old), but alas, it makes no sense for me to have any Delta Cards for any longer than the bonus they earn after spend. I have decided to have an all AmEx Hotel card portfolio like this guest poster has. If you live in Hawaii, love first class, and frequent the mainland, then it might be worth it to have a bunch of Delta Reserve Cards instead.

I went online and chatted with the Customer Service Representative on Sunday night and they closed my Delta Reserve Card without any retention offer. I was worried that my associated Companion Pass would disappear, but multiple people say once they are issued, they are disjointed from holding the underlying card. I went back to check Delta’s website, and there they were, certs that are severed from the now closed AmEx card:

I will wait a few days and then apply for the 100K offer from Hilton Honors. I am not sure if I would be eligible for the 150k from Hilton Ascend, because of my previous Surpass Card. I am certain I would not be able to get another 150K from Aspire, because I currently have that same card open.

My plan is to have 3 Hilton Honors Aspire cards (by upgrading the Honors and Ascend after one year), and combine points with the 3 free weekend nights. In this method, you can have a vacation from Sunday to Sunday using a combination of 5th night free points and your 3 free weekend nights. See example here:

  • Sunday: 80K
  • Monday: 80K
  • Tuesday: 80K
  • Wednesday: 80K
  • Thursday: Zero points since 5th night is free on points booking
  • Friday: Free Annual Weekend Night
  • Saturday: Free Annual Weekend Night
  • Sunday: Free Annual Weekend Night

The first 400k points would be easy to earn with 100K from Hilton Honors, 150k from Hilton Ascend, and another 150K from Aspire. Then Every year I would get three of these nights:

I would then plan on using all three weekend nights to stay Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night every year at a Hilton resort. Here the resort fee would be waived for diamond members, and then I could split charge up to $750 in hotel credits over my three Aspire cards! That would be plenty of this stuff for free:

Poolside Drinks Charged To Room
Room Service at any Hilton Resort Charged To Room

Now I tried to charge a few things directly to the Hilton Aspire at the Oak Brook Resort without staying there, but they don’t get credited:

When incidentals are charged to the room, the credit will apply in 3 days:

Also note the credit counts towards the room rate!

The icing on the cake would be the 3 x $250 gift cards from Southwest charged to each Aspire to count as the airline incidental fee. This loophole has yet to be closed:

It may have sucked to close a card I had for 3 years, but in the long run the 3 Hilton Cards will pay up to $3,000 in tax free benefits a year!


6 thoughts on “Delta to Hilton Card Conversion

  1. Sam says:

    Hey Derp,
    Apologies if this doesnt relate to this article but I will be replying overseas in less than 1 month! I am currently in the national guard but I really wanted the Citi prestige card. Could you please explain how this process works? I’d love to use your referral link. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    My active duty order starts on the 28th of April

    I also used your link to get the Hilton honors card yesterday and I plan on upgrading that to the aspire next year as long as my fees are waived. Will also use your link to get the marriot bonvyage

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      There is no link for prestige,

      To request Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) benefits please call us at 1-877-804-1082 or if outside the U.S. (call collect) 1-605-335-2222

      • sam says:

        Ah sorry that there is no link but will it be okay if I get the card today and request the SCRA at that number once my active duty order starts?

        I will also be applying for the Delta Reserve card in two weeks so I will definitely use your link! Btw, if I wind up paying the annual fee for the delta card and I request SCRA, will Amex refund my annual fee?

        • uiucderp2011 says:

          Thanks for using the link, not too many data points for reservists. You should start collecting data points from your peers and posting them here. If you get SCRA coverage Amex usually credits the fee back.

  2. jkjk5 says:

    If you pay with points/cash, would that be credited to the resort credit? I was recently looking at a stay where I could do roughly 50k points/1k dollars vs about 300k points/ $0. For a 5 night stay, would basically save a lot of points for a whole other stay. Thoughts?

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