U.S. Bank Altitude Data Point Repository

We have a lock down on Citi, Chase, and AmEx in waiving annual fees on their products. Now we need a depository of data points for US Bank. I want to have everyone put them here.

I got my U.S. Bank Altitude card May 2017. This was well before the MLA took effect on September 2017 so the $400 annual fee was not, and will not be waived for me. I continue to pay the $400 since I get $325 in travel credits, this makes my total cost of membership $75 which I can get back in the form of the in flight WiFi and Andrew Harper Magazine.

The O-4 specialist here got one under his own name three months ago and got the waiver no problem. He is currently enjoying $325 in credit every year. The most recent datapoint is the spouse of an O-3 that got the U.S. Bank Altitude card and received this letter in the mail:

She has not been charged the $400, and the letter mentions nothing regarding MLA. The service member tried for his own Altitude, but was denied due to too many new applications at other banks.

Please post your data points below if you got them.


16 thoughts on “U.S. Bank Altitude Data Point Repository

  1. Steve says:

    I tried to setup a US Bank account from DC area and went nowhere. Seems like they want you to be close to a branch.

  2. Dave says:

    I got an Altitude Nov 2018 and my wife Mar 2019. Both times I emailed my orders to be safe, both times I got an MLA specific letter stating AF waived. My AF was waived, still in the first statement for wife.

  3. CF Frost says:

    Applied in March and got the fee waived without submitting anything. I think it’s because I already had the military checking open since October 2018.

  4. Jacob says:

    I was approved for the Altitude last month and never sent in anything but got a similar letter in the mail and annual fee of $0 post to my account in the first month.

    • Julius says:

      What was your X/6 when you applied for AR last month?

      • Jacob says:

        I had 3 amex personal and 3 amex business in the last 6 months. I had the US Bank account for a few years because I was planning on getting the account a while ago. It has just sat there though with 0 activity. I checked pre-approval offers through my account login page and the AR was on there so I went for it.

  5. Ronaldo Lizardo says:

    I applied two weeks ago got approved. Standing by to see if I get the fee waive without sending anything since I have a VA loan through them.

    • Ronaldo Lizardo says:

      Ok got a letter in the mail without submitting anything. Under the MLA, all fees are waived for AD and Spouse. Also interes rate is cap at 6%.

  6. Community Player says:

    Any tips for establishing a relationship with them? I tried opening a checking account but was denied because I dont live near a branch. Could open a no AF credit card but would prefer to avoid that option because i dont want to add a hard pull for a card I would never use on top of the fact us bank is very inquiry sensitive.

    • Tim C says:

      I would call them and asked to be reconsidered for the platinum checking account. I did that and explained that I was active duty military and I move every few years and they accepted me even though there are no branches in my state!

  7. Ronaldo Lizardo says:

    Ok got a letter in the mail without submitting anything. Under the MLA, all fees are waived for AD and Spouse. Also interes rate is cap at 6%.

  8. Austin says:

    Spouse got AR last summer and AF was waived without submitting anything. I just picked up an AR a few days ago and my MLA waiver letter came today without having to do anything to have benefits applied.

  9. Wild Bill says:

    I applied for AR in April 2019. First was declined for not having a relationship with US Bank. Started a CD, then applied again after 5 business days. I called about a week later and they said I was denied because of no relationship with US Bank again. I told them about the CD, and they said “oh, you’re right”, and they resubmitted it for consideration. I called another week later and they said I was denied for having too much new credit recently, and they said to try again in 6 months. I had opened 3 Amex, 1 Chase, 1 Citi, and 1 USAA in the prior 6 months.

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