Guest Post: Conrad Tokyo

Back in October an O4 SWO in DC sent me photos from his Hilton Honors Aspire Adventures. He used his free night at the Conrad Tokyo and was able to get a suite. He writes:

There was a separate bedroom, large living room, two toilets (rare in Japan) and a bathroom. Hotels in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taipei had been my previous benchmark for “nicest hotels” in terms of service/ambiance/room amenities, but Conrad Tokyo was a few notches above. 

I was visiting my wife’s family in Japan this past summer and we decided to stay in Tokyo before flying out. I was able to use the award night to book a room at the Conrad Tokyo (near Tsukiji Fish Market, which was recently relocated). It occupies the top half of the SoftBank building. Since I have Diamond status from the card, I was upgraded to a deluxe suite. It was approx 900 sq ft, $759 per night if I had paid in cash, with a view of Tokyo Harbor. For turndown service, they even left two Conrad Tokyo teddy bears for my children. The executive lounge was legit, with full course meals offered throughout the day and a nice selection of Japanese craft beer. All in all, it was the best hotel stay that I’ve ever experienced, in all of my travels.

I will host his links once I get them.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Conrad Tokyo

  1. KP says:

    I was wondering how long it takes for AMEX to review SCRA requests? I was so used to have SCRA automatically applied to cards, then I was slapped with 3 AMEX Business Platinum Fees almost all at the same time.

    • uiucderp2011 says:

      Takes bout a month! It took so long for my card that I was charged the fee, but it was reversed once the review was completed.

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