Physical Markel Stock Certificate Using AmEx MR Points

April O’Neil from TMNT appears on the Markel Stock Certificate

I was able to get a physical stock Certificate delivered to me for free all using my Membership Rewards Points via Schwab AmEx Plat. I have done this before with Goldman Sachs. On 03 March 2019, I moved 100,000 MR points from my AmEx Platinum to Schwab at 1.25 cents a point for a cool $1,250.00. I put in a Good Till Canceled buy order for 1 share of MKL at a limit of $1,000 a share which executed the next day:

In the tradition of me being a shitty market timer, the stock has continued to fall to new awesome lows! As of today you can get the share at $980 or 78,400 MR points. This post should constitute financial advice on what NOT to do! Markel has been described as the Baby Berkshire Hathaway by some or a ranging dumpster fire by haters at the actual Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. I just wanted another $1,000+ piece of artwork to hang on my office wall.

I had no Idea how the stock cert would look since there are no descriptions of it online. No one had ever blogged on getting one, and it didn’t show on sites like this. What the hell, I decided to just go for broke, and I reached out to AST which is the transfer agent for MKL and they gave me this information:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for contacting the Shareholder Services Department at American Stock Transfer & Trust Company. Please be advised that in order to transfer your shares to AST, you can contact your broker who in return will do an electronic transfer via the DRS Profile System. Once the shares are held at AST, you can request that we issue the stock certificate. Should you require additional assistance, please contact our Shareholder Services Department at the number listed below. Correspondence Department.

Shareholder Services
6201 15th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11219
800-937-5449 F: 718-236-2641
E: |

I contacted Schwab on secure mail and they wanted me to call the order in. Here is their response:

I called out to my Asset Transfer team this morning to inquire about this transfer. I apologize that this was not communicated previously, but in order to transfer this asset out of your account, we will either need a signed letter of authorization stating the request to move the 1 share of MKL, or our Asset Transfer team can take this request verbally if you are able to call them directly. You will want to call Schwab Client Reporting and Security Services at 800-323-4332 Monday – Friday: 9:00 am -7:00 pm ET

On the 12th of March I called in and had the stock transfered electronically to AST. I got a letter from AST in the mail shortly after with my AST account number. On 22 March 2019, I contacted AST with my address, this new account number, my last 4 of my SSN and requested a paper cert. On 03 April 2019 these hipsters over in Brooklyn sent me the folded up, and mangled stock certificate in the smallest envelope they could find:

I have it under a stack of books to get the creases out, but I think it’s still suitable for framing. That’s the service you get for free, as compared to Computerserve that charges $25 for a nice large flat envelope they send certs to you in.

If you are not a fan of travel or stuff, you can get enough MR points with just two AmEx Platinum cards (one being the Schwab Platinum) and $10,000 spend to great an investment you can hold! Please use my link here for the AmEx Platinum and Gold which will generate MR points to transfer out with your Schwab AmEx Platinum. All annual fees are waived for military.

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