Avios Synergy: Using CX, IBE, AA For Nice Seats, 2.8 Cents Per Point

Don’t sit in row 25 like a bitch

I just got off the phone with American Airlines, and it turns out everyone is confused by the One World Alliance. I called because I needed the American Airlines locator, for a flight I booked with Avios on a code share with Iberia. I had only the Iberia record locator and a ticket number. Also I had to give them my Asia Miles number because it was linked to my Cathy Pacific Sliver status, which is of course One World Ruby, which is equivalent to American Airlines Gold!

Mind blown! This is why churning is so fun, it’s like collecting Pokemon, but much more rewarding. These multinational corporations have made all these agreements without any thought into how confusing it is. The operator was confused because I used a Spanish carrier (IBE) to book a domestic flight (AA) with status with a Hong Kong carrier (CX).

I had booked a flight from ORD to BDL for the AGD Meeting this July 2019:

I could choose between Hartford, CT or Providence, RI and drive to the Mohegan Sun. I went for Hartford, because of the Escape Lounge that I have yet to go to. On the Iberia site, all the AA flights were wide open:

I had previously earned 100,000 Avios when Chase allowed anyone to get the card. It has since been restricted as a 5/24 card. If I paid with cash, the trip would have been almost $1,000:

I looked at British Airways and none of these segments showed up, then the site was down for over a day. With Iberia Avios we are getting a solid 2.8 cents per point! Not bad, and keep in mind that you can transfer both UR and MR to Iberia, making it a great use of points (sometimes).

Once booked I received an email in Spanish/English with a useless Iberia record locator. I called American Airlines and they were able to look up the American Airlines Record Locator as well as put in my Cathy Pacific number to give myself Ruby Status for the flight. I bought this status with my Founders Card.

I was then able to pull up my reservation on the American Airlines website, I got to choose premium seats as well as put in my DoD ID number for TSA pre check. The best part is AA.com is a much better website than the Iberia site which is simply unusable.

If you are headed to the meeting, hit me up. This has been the best use of my Avios which are short haul round trip flights on AA, and this is the best practice to convert them to a solid AA managed booking.


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